mes cold smoker kit.

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by animal, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. animal

    animal Newbie

    Hi guys
    Has anyone tried one of these yet?
    Masterbuilt cold smoker kit item 20070112 for use with all electric digital smokers.
    Bass pro has them in stock 13.00 less than masterbuilt. Item number 38-614-059-05 and they use wood chips.
    I would like some feedback. Before I buy one of them.
  2. roadkill cafe

    roadkill cafe Smoking Fanatic

    I agree with Smoking B. AMNPS is the way to go. You'll get a longer smoke with the pellets than with chips IMHO.
  3. deltadude

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    animal, to the best of my knowledge there has been NO SMF member review of the Masterbuilt cold smoking kit (MCSK).  That kit came out about July and there hasn't been anything written about the Masterbuilt cold smoke kit from any other source that I have found.

    So to be fair, while the above two recommendations are passionate owners of the AWNPS, (which BTW I am too), no one at this time can say anything that either compares the Masterbuilt cold smoke kit to the AWNPS or say anything bad about the Masterbuilt cold kit, because NO ONE has tried it.

    I will say, that I am a HUGE fan of Masterbuilt, SMF members are buying the MES in it's too many configurations, and are generally very happy with the Masterbuilt product, for it's design and consistent performance.  Again without having tried the MCSK, if Masterbuilt has built a solid MES product it would be reasonable to guess that their MCSK is well designed and would function properly.
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  4. I wish they'd stop calling it a cold smoking kit, 100° to 120° F is not cold smoking.
    The A-Maze-N smoke generators are the only way to go!!!!!!

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  5. animal

    animal Newbie

    I have no beef with the amnps. I have 8 dust smokers that I built from fanning screen. They all work fine,
    But I refuse to use pellets or buy sawdust. I make predator and waterfowl calls. The dust and shavings from my lathe burn perfectly in my dust smokers. Chips are easy to find including my wood pile.
    I ordered a mastrbuilt cold smoker kit today from bass pro. I will smoke 20 pounds of summer sausage this weekend to see how well it works.
    I will do a review on it after this weekend the good and the bad.

    Thanks for the replys.
  6. deltadude

    deltadude Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Great, glad to hear that someone is going to give that kit a try.
    Please find out if masterbuilt says the kit can be used for both cold and hot smoking?

    GL with the kit.
  7. whar7

    whar7 Newbie

    so what happened with the new cold smoker and summer sausage?
  8. driedstick

    driedstick Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    How did it work for ya
  9. animal

    animal Newbie

    Ok I used the cold smoker several times in the last month.
    It works great. I smoked cheese eggs pork bellies. All turned out great.
    It is fantastic for summer sausage. I set the mes for 110 degrees and then turned the cold smoker on. Half a tower of wood chips lasted four hours.
    I have never had sausage out of a electric smoker so much of a smokey flavor. The sausage definately had a wow that has a super smoke flavor.
    The difference from outside temps and in the mes was 38 and 62, 75 and 86, 18 and 34. As you can the temps are not even close to what masterbuilt advertises.
    The first thing I smoked was eggs. Completely ruined them. Using my usual smoke time using other methods. The smoke was completely through the whites and on the yellows.
    Reducing the time to 30 no longer than 45 minutes they turned out perfect. Same with cheese I had to cut the time in half.
    The amount of smoke this little cold smoker puts out is truely amazing. But the smoke is very fresh smoke due to the six louversin the back of the cold smoker.
    This has a flue effect the smoke never gets stale.
    I will never be without one of these cold smokers as long as I own a mes.

    The only downside I have noticed so far is the hook used to connect it to the smoker can be a pain. But works well when I got the hang of it.
    Be sure to turn off the cold smoker and let it cool completely before removing from the mes or you will get a flameup. Not good there was only a couple of chips in it.
    When it happened to me. So no big deal.
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  10. Thats awesome to hear.  I just ordered one from masterbuilt the other day. I had purchased the 40 inch mes with the window. Love all the functions that it has to offer but couldnt really get it to smoke much at lower temps. I tried everything i had read on fourms and tried pellets chips pellets and chips together. hell everything. So glad to read your post thanks. I do alot of salmon so i wonder if that will cut my time down like you said it did for you.
  11. jimid440

    jimid440 Newbie

    I also bought a Masterbuilt Cold Smoke Kit for my MES 40. The A-Maze-N smoke generator sounded good but I already have a large supply of chips & bisquettes (also have a Bradley 6 rack digital).

    Just didn't want to go to sawdust,pellets. the chips are in easy supply without mail order/long drive for sawdust,pellets. Got the MB smoke kit from Bass Pro for several bucks cheaper than MB. Wasn't a big price diff from the MB smoke kit or A-Maze-N gen after tax,shipping charges. I live in a rural area & all the local stores carry chips,bisquettes,chunks. Have to drive up to 50 miles to get saw dust/pellets or else mail order. If I need to truly cold smoke (cheese,etc..) I use my Bradley. Just my 2 cents and another perspective on the MB Cold Smoke kit.


  12. I have the mes cold smoker kit and use it all the time .I also have the AMNPS but like to use a mix of lump charcoal broken up and chips and even mix in pellets  ,produces a nice smoke and gives a good flavor to food . I can even break up wood chunks with a hatchet and use that too . As far as I'm concerned the versatility of the mes cold smoker is a big plus .I will say that it did increase the temperature in the smoker by about ten degrees but that was completely empty when I burned it in . Probably temp rise would be offset with a pan of ice . I also bought it from Bass pro cheaper than Masterbuilt . Actually it is on backorder from Masterbuilt and I think it is now out of stock at Bass Pro .
  13. I just purchased the cold smoker kit for my MES30. I haven't used it yet but plan on smoking some cheese this weekend. As far as the attaching rod with the hook at the end... it was a pain to attach, so I put the hook end in a vise and bent it 90*... easily attaches now.
  14. Has anyone tried using the MES cold smoker loaded with just pellets? I know the instructions say not to but I spoke with Masterbuilt and was told that it may or may not be ok to use a load of pellets, they just haven't done enough testing to say whether or not it is ok to do. Hence why the instructions say not to use pellets.
  15. goliath

    goliath Smoking Fanatic

    i have tried everything in my cold smoker unit. to get a true cold smoke run a piece of 3" heating duct from the unit to your smoker, cools the smoke down....

    what i have found is that no matter what i use for smoke there is a chance it will stick a bit and not keep falling down into the element. can get a creosote build up inside the hopper but i just jam it down with a stick. makes great smoke.  i dont even bother with that hook, thinkin thats just some saftey device to pass the inspection to get into the market.

    BUT ... this unit still needs baby sitting and doesnt give the amount of hours the AMNPS will give.

    my fleet of a-maz-n smoker products showed up yesterday. 2 amnps AND 1 tube smoker. loaded 1 with sawdust i have and 1 with pellets... put them both in my turkey roaster mod and lots of nice smoke.... will check this morning as to if anything is left. interested to see if my sawdust did the trick. it is a little coarse..

    i want to be able to do a long overnight smoke without baby sitting, i bought 2 so if i want more smoke i can light them both and still get 10 hours. i have them for my big freezer build.

    the wife couldnt understand why i just didnt buy them in the beginning and kept farting around making different smoke gens.... for the $35 it seems well worth it to me  :0)
  16. It's about time people are finally hearing about the MES electric cold smoker . I am using it right now to do some country pork ribs in my MES30 . I don't use it to cold smoke just use it to do long smokes without having to load the tray every 45 minutes . I put in a mix of broken up lump charcoal ,chips ,pellets (that's right PELLETS) and split chunks .It works great .I use my MES 30 for the quick easy cooks ,otherwise I use my Chargriller Acorn Kamado . There seems to be some sort of infatuation with the AMNPS on this website and the Masterbuilt cold smoker was totally ignored . My experience was that if you were using the Masterbuilt cold smoker for cheese and such a tray of ice would offset the elevation in temps. You don't have to worry about the Mastetrbuilt going out . Oh yeah you don't have to use the rod ,just push it snug up against your mes and away you go .
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  17. smokin raf

    smokin raf Fire Starter

    I also got the MES cold smoker. I sealed mine up with food grade silicon and I probably could get 10 hours out of it. I haven't done a smoke that long yet, only done 2 so far in an MES 40 Gen 2 which I got just recently. I Smoked for 6 hours and didn't have a problem with the chips not dropping on their own, it's smaller at the top and gets larger as it get towards the bottom, like a pyramid. But then again I only used it once.
  18. Hey Raf, where all did you seal with the silicone? Just the top lid?


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