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  1. Hey all, have been reading about all the mailbox mods folks have done and am just wondering something.

       I have a 12" AMAZN tube coming and my idea is to simply slide it inside a piece of 3" duct going into the chip port. any reason this wouldn't work fine?
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    Sounds like it would work if you can put some kind of damper on the end of the duct, so you can slow down the air flow coming into the duct.

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    I would be concerned that the AMNPT will be generating too much heat for being so close to the finished product. What are you cold smoking?
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    I meant to quote the thread starter.  Sorry.

    As long as it's elevated.  I saw one member make a sling out of clothes hangers so it wasn't sitting in the bottom.  I made this platform for the AMNPS/TS and have no holes made in the mailbox and all prefabbed holes underneath sealed.  All air needed comes in at the door hinge.  When the smoke generator is outside the smoker use the exhaust vent to regulate air flow.  If you restrict air flow out of the smoker, then your restricting air flow in with the same damper.  I fill my AMNTS just over half full vertically then shake horizontally to level which is more closely comparable to how full the rows of the AMNPS are.  You'll have to make some kind of door at the end of the pipe so wind doesn't blow in but the exhaust vent will regulate how much air goes in with smoke even if the pipe is open. 

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    I've used the tube mounted through the chip port for cold smoking and it worked quite well. However, don't use it with the heat turned on as it sits right above the heater coil and WILL burn much faster/catch on fire. Ask me how I know  ;-)
  6. I guess I can just give it a try and see.

    Thanks for the thoughts
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    The purpose of the extension is to cool and clean the smoke. Your idea will certainly work by adjusting the length of pipe and controlling the air. but it would be more efficient to use a firebox of some type.

    Below are some examples:

    Now, how do we replicate the smokers of old in today’s environment? We start by using a remote firebox and pipe the smoke produced by your smoke generator of choice to the product chamber, which could be your smoker or a cardboard box, whatever you want to use. To cool the smoke as much as possible, the firebox is also being used as a heat sink, the more mass the better. The pipe used (preferably single wall stovepipe) to transport the smoke will also act as a heat sink so the longer it is, the better the results.


    The above is an example using an Smoke Daddy Big Kahuna smoke generator in conjunction with a wood stove leading to a 22cf product chamber. 

    The above is example using a tray type pellet smoke generator inside a wood stove leading to a 22cf product chamber.

    The above example uses a tray type smoke generator inside a mailbox feeding an MES.

    The above example is using a MES cold smoke attachment feeding an MES.

    Let us know how you do.

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    this is what extra heat does to your cold smoke!

    Follow Mr Ts guidance and you will be happy you did! It's simple with great results!
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  9. My KISS approach to getting smoke on lower temp sessions in my MES was to simply remove the chip tray AND the rail it sits on... then setting a small Weber aluminum tray directly on the heating element. Smoke is no problem at 160 degree setting.
  10. oh my, that melted cheese must have been awful to clean up.

    thanks for all the suggestions folks. I'll grab a bunch of 3" and see what is what. If I have to build a firebox I will
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