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  1. MES cleaning, I am going to show you my way of cleaning the MES 30. I have read a few threads on how folks keep their box clean Here is what I do. You will develop your own method. This is my box before I started.

    I keep everything I can foiled but things happen. I clean good every few months or after 20 or so cooks


    You will notice the seasoning flaking, It  sort of self cleans. This happens  after some hot cooks (260 or 270).   I like to get that stuff off. I use a spray bottle that mists as well as has a spray. I mist most all of the box being careful around the burner I only spray a stream when I really need it like in the back left corner.

    I use a diluted amount of apple cider vinegar and water. I very lightly scrape any flaky stuff and use a long handled spatula to clean it out. I spend some time on the door face and the cabinet side and when finished I light up the AMPS for a 1 or 2 hour smoke.

    a clean corner

    Just enough to re season it and hide any vinegar smell. I probably don”t need to do this but It drives the neighbors crazy. 

    fire bucket

    Put it back together and be ready for Meat loaf Tuesday

    That's how I do it. Jted
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    Good job jted.  I am rather fond of a clean kitchen and equipment!  [​IMG]     
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    Nice, I like the smokestack. Where did you get that?
  4. I wrote a thread titled To stack or not to.  That should tell you all about it.

     As a side note I and my friend made a fast stack the other evening. We taped two cans together and warped it in 016 roof flashing put 3 pop rivets in it cut a six inch circle out of the same stuff and cut a pie shape cut that may have been 3 inches on the back, left a little lap and pop riveted it together. Made 2/12 legs for it  put 1 inch on the stack and riveted it and a 3/4 bend to pop on the top. slight cut out on the bottom side for probes and some flat black rustoleum. It did not have a damper but who needs one, the factory damper un screws with a 10mm wrench and vice grips. Maybe a 1 and a half hour fun project.The corn cans fit just a little lose but when you wrap them you gain just enough dia. for a good fit. I will post a shot of it when he sends it to me.  Jted
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    Very nice, but sounds like too much work for me. I thought maybe you found this somewhere. I started out with a soup can, then went to a 3" aluminum elbow duct.

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  6. I like you went through the soup can then a flex 90. but you can find the 15.88 stack info on the link provided.  Jted

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