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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by eman, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. eman

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    I have been dealing w/ Todd and amazin smoker products since the inception.  Just got my MES repaired from the flood last year and decided to smoke a 20 lb choice brisket for my first smoke. ( Go big or go home ) . After getting brisket trimmed and rubbed i found that my pellet container had taken on water in the flood. I had a big block of something in the container.

    Went to a local store and bought a 20 lb bag of B&B apple pellets. Take my advice and DON"T do this. Loaded up my AMNPS and lit it . Put it in the smoker . beautiful TBS until it burned about half of a row. Then it went into major malfunction. Jumped every row . Had lots of smoke for an hour. Thought maybe it was to close to element so i waited 4 hrs. and tried another tray full all the way against the left wall . Same problem. I will not be using anymore of these pellets. have to get with Todd and make n order ASAP.

     Moral of the story is Todd designed his products to use with his products.
  2. smokinal

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    Good story!

    I agree, Todd sells the best pellets IMHO!

    Hope the brisket turned out OK!

  3. I will definitely buy some of his pellets after I use up the 40 lbs of lumberjack MHC I have on hand
  4. . I have never had any problems what so ever with lumberjack pellets.
  5. daricksta

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    I only buy wood pellets from Todd. He and Rhonda provide outstanding customer service as well as great products. A wonderful small business to support. 
  6. eman

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    see  my post in beef . Big Brisket done differently.   Best i have ever done.
  7. jbfromtennessee

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    ran out of pellets and had to find some locally. found some B&B hickory at wally's and did a test run with them on my 5x8 in a mes30. been giving good smoke for the last 10 hours without interruption. it remains to be seen how well they will do on a boston butt.
  8. dr k

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    I just got some dust, pellets and another Amnps for my daughter from Todd. I have Apple and Pecan Traeger pellets that are mostly oak. I have no complaints with Traeger because like many folks I like to blend and that's what Traeger is, a blend. I'll try other brands mentioned most likely but have a lot for now.

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