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  1. This is definitely a "Newbie" question, so I appreciate your patience while you indulge me :)

    I have a MES analog smoker, and have recently purchased a Maverick ET-732. Naturally, it has the 2 probe wires that connect to the transmitter. However, after very close scrutiny, I have been unable to find ANY holes or openings in the smoker through which to feed the probe wires.

    Literally, the only hole in the box is the one in the bottom of the unit (under the heating elements) for the drip pan! Therefore, I am left with the only option of running the wires "through" the door (i.e. pinching them in the door frame when I shut it...hope this makes sense!)

    My question is: is it ok to drill a small hole, perhaps in the upper back of the box, through which I could feed the probe wires? Will said hole (maybe 1/4") allow too much smoke to exit, or would it allow heat to leave the box, thereby causing a huge delay in cooking time?

    Seems like such a simple solution, yet I am still new enough at this that I don't want to unnecessarily ruin my first smoker!!

    Appreciate the advice!

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    My thoughts

    Both my MES30 and MES40 I still let the leads be pinched between the door and the box. Minimal leakage from it after a couple a years now and I take my sensing elements inside when I am done.

    I also sometimes want that sensor to stay with meats like when doing sausages. <shrugs>

    But the walls are thin wall with a small amount of insulation. You can surely drill a hole. You might try Lowes or Home depot or a local electrical store and check whats available as a groummet first before selecting a hole size.. You could also use some type of  high temp caulk ( High temp, 300... LOL), only problem there would come from if you have a failure and had to remove the element.

    I would do it but so far my door seals have not had a problem. Why fix what isn't broke.
  3. I have a digital MES30 so it goes through the top vent now. But, before I was doing that I was doing the same as Foam above. Just closing the door on them and taking them back in when I was done. Never had any issues and didn't need to modify the box. Perfectly good solution.

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