MES analog 30" ok?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by shelby, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. shelby

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    I'm wanting to get back in to smoking and want something lots easier than what I've always used in the past (brinkmann bullet that I added propane burner to). I've been looking at threads here the last couple days and as far as MES goes, looks like you all are talking about the digital ones.

    I work IT and when not at work am working on cars, I have a head full of memories of things failing and I don't really appreciate electronics in places where I don't really consider them needed.

    I'm thinking of the MES 30 analog from walmart for $150, is it pretty well comparable to the digital ones?

    Searching google I found an old thread here saying the analog wasn't insulated, maybe that's changed, the masterbuilt site says insulated and the 2nd link there says it too, this correct? I want to be able to use in winter.

    Is the analog one thermostatically controlled? Or just a rheostat inline on the cord? Pics almost look like a simple rheostat on the cord like you'd see on an electric griddle.

    If it is just a rheostat does it hold temp pretty steady?

    If there's some reason I shouldn't do this one I'm almost thinking if more money is required I'll do the smokin-it 1 or 2 for better build and still avoiding electronics.
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  3. shelby

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    So I take it an upgrade to the auber solid state voltage regulator means stock it's not thermostatically controlled? And would not be with the auber but would be a better control of the heating coil over stock?
  4. bauchjw

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    If you want relative ease and no electronics why not just get a WSM?
  5. shelby

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    I have a brinkmann bullet already that I can do propane or charcoal. If I went back to using charcoal in it, it'd be more work than propane. Would the wsm be that much different?

    I've moved the legs of the brinkmann to the outside and have a stand for the charcoal pan or propane burner that the smoker will lift off of but still a decent amount of work to lift it off every once in a while to tend to wood chunks if using propane and wood/charcoal if not propane. 
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  6. daveomak

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    I mentioned the Auber because I thought I read the temp control on the MES Analog was only low, medium and high....  You might want a better temp control than those 3 settings.....   [​IMG]
  7. shelby

    shelby Newbie

    Ahh I get it now, thanks.

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