MES 40" very erratic temperatures

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    I have been smoking with the Masterbuilt digital electric 40" smoker for a few years now and loved it so much that I have recommended to numerous friends.  One of the things I loved was that it held the temperature that I set it at, fluctuating less that 5 degrees plus or minus (usually only 3 degrees).  That has not been the case lately and I found my temp to be fluctuating as much as 35 degrees too high and 25 degrees too low, which has not been kind to the meat I am cooking.  

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to what may be causing this fluctuation and how I can fix it?  
  2. Hello,

     I recently had the same issue with my 40 MES Elite..I looked inside the smoker and noticed I could not see the temp sensor in the back left hand side of the smoker..The entire sensor was covered in a thick coating of well earned used alittle rubbing alcohol to clean the sensor and so far my temperatures seem to be spot on again..Dont know if this will help you but thought i would throw my 2 cents in.. Good Luck

    Les Fort Worth Texas
  3. dan lapensee

    dan lapensee Newbie

    Thanks, Lesk.  My sensor doesn't look bad, but I'll clean it anyway and see if it helps.

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