Mes 40 test updated with pics

Discussion in 'Pork' started by blacklab, May 31, 2014.

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    My 800 watt element went south last year. Wasn't a fan of it for the obvious reasons. The other day I replaced the cheap element to 1200 watts and upgraded the wirering. Thank you Texacajun! [​IMG]  Today I'll be putting it to the test with 3 racks of spare ribs. Chine bone and membrane removed. Using my own basic rub. Pre heating to 250  and using the amazen pellet smoker with pecan. Actuall cook will start @ 10 am an finish when done assuming around 3 pm. Yes I know the rules, Q view will follow. Well guys here's the finished product. The new element works like a dream. Pre heated in a reasonable time and recovered fairly quick as well. So glad I changed it out works like it should. Thank for looking
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    Sounds Great Blacklab!!!

    Texacajun is always a big help---I have referred to his list on MES Model numbers & equipment many times.

    Sounds like you're all set now!!  

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