MES 40 Temp Problems

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by tromaron, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. tromaron

    tromaron Meat Mopper

    My mes turns out great food, but not as trouble free as it should.  Since I got it 2 1/2 months ago it's never been close on temp.  When it's empty I can preheat it to 275 on the control panel, but it's really only 250-255 according to my Maverick (checked in boiling water).  Once I put food in, to keep it at 225, I have to set the control panel anywhere from 235-270.  Also the recovery time is awful.  With a pork butt and a couple potatoes in, it can take close to an hour to get back up to temp.  Usually not without me turning the control panel up another 10+ degrees.  Outside temp doesn't seem to have much effect.  My mes is in the back of my garage away from any drafts.

    I called customer service right after I got it, & they said they would send out a new control panel as soon as they came back into stock (which should be later this month).  I called again yesterday just to check & they said they're not in stock yet, but they sent out an older model control panel for me to trouble shoot with in the mean time.  It should be here this weekend and I'll be giving it a try to see if it helps.  Just wanted to see what everyone here thinks.  Does this sound like a control panel problem?
  2. mbtechguy

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    Hi Ron,

        Send me a PM after you try the controller, and let me know how it compares.  What you describe, is an issue with the controller.  The recovery time you describe is not normal however, and would need more info to troubleshoot  properly.  Send me a PM, and let's get this fixed.  Tka.  Darryl
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  3. tromaron

    tromaron Meat Mopper

    Thanks Darryl.  Will do.
  4. Now thats customer service!!!
  5. yeti195

    yeti195 Newbie

    I was wondering if the new controller fixed your temp problem. I'm having the same problem with mine.
  6. tromaron

    tromaron Meat Mopper

    Not yet.  It's still doing weird stuff.  Runs hotter than it says when empty.  With food in it, runs cooler than it says.  Darryl's (the MB tech guy) been helping me get it sorted out.  Just sent him a long log of my last smoke.
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  7. captturbo

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    I would like to hear about how this resolves as well. I wonder if you might be having problems with the terminal connections like many MES owners have run into. On the bright side if that is the problem it's easy to fix.
  8. tromaron

    tromaron Meat Mopper

    I'll keep updating this as it gets figured out.  The biggest inconvenience is that I can't ever set the temp & leave it.  It's either way over where it should be, or way under.  Hopefully Darryl will have some good ideas.
  9. Tromaron,

    Any updates?  I'm having the same problems.  Masterbuilt just sent me my second replacement control panel.  The first one they sent didn't maintain temperatures any better than the original.  This time they also sent me a meat probe because that wasn't working correctly either.  If the 2nd replacement control panel doesn't work, they are going to send me a new smoker body because the temperature sensor for the element is not replaceable by the consumer.  Masterbuilt has been very responsive so far but it appears there are some significant issues with this smoker.  So far everything I have cooked has taken much longer than it should have.
  10. sonnyhad

    sonnyhad Fire Starter

    I wonder if it would be the same for a 30". Mine the temp on the smoker says 275 but with the new temp probe i got it only gets to 236 with the vent open, I can get it a little hotter with it closed, but how you supposed to smoke when its closed? Hmmm. Has anyone run into this with the 30"? The new probe i have is a maverick 732.
  11. tromaron

    tromaron Meat Mopper

    Nothing yet on mine.  Still waiting to hear back from Darryl the MB tech guy.  He's been out of the country for a bit.  Sounds like I may be in the same boat as you.  I've used 2 control panels so far with the same crazy results. 
  12. eman

    eman Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member

    I have the older model MES 40" 800 watt and mine has been like you discribed since day one. Now i just turn it on set it to 275 preheat and load the meat. I drops close to 200 -210 depending on how much meat . If it's hot outside i will have to back it down to about 250 255 once it recovers  to get it to cook at around 235
  13. smokinal

    smokinal Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    It will be interesting to see what solves this problem.
  14. tromaron

    tromaron Meat Mopper

    I've been on the road a lot lately & have just been dealing with the temp problems when I'm home by constantly watching my smoker during smokes (not what I got an MES for).  The last few weeks I've tried calling the girl at MES customer service who has been so good to me in the past.  Each time I've only gotten her voice mail.  I finally left her a voice mail message a week ago, letting her know that I'm still having problems coming up to temp & maintaining temp.  It got busy here again, & I forgot all about leaving that message.  Today UPS just rang the doorbell & delivered a brand new 1200 watt element.  While I'm a bit perplexed at this coming without a call or note or anything, I absolutely love a company that continues to try & work with me after all this time.  Can't wait to put this new one in & see if it fixes my problems!
  15. tromaron

    tromaron Meat Mopper

    Finally, problem solved.  MB is sending me a new smoker.  Can't wait to give it a try!

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