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  1. So I just picked up a new MES 40" to replace my Duel-Fuel Pro. I liked the idea of not using an open flame for long smoking over night and also the ease of just setting a digital display to 225 and not fiddling with a knob for an hour to get it to the right temp. I guess I should've done a little more research about them before I got one but I'm stuck at this point so I'd like to make the best of it. 

    I will say it works pretty well stock, better than my duel-fuel pro did. I didn't think it was making enough smoke though, which I now see is a common complaint. I see a steady stream of smoke coming out of the exhaust vent, but I never get the flavor I had with the propane smoker, and never a smoke ring.  I tried adding a AMNPS but it won't stay lit even with the chip tube completely removed. Also the built-in meat probe appears to be good for nothing as it always reads the same temperature as the smoker itself even when buried in a pork shoulder. That's not too bad because I still have the Maverick I was using with the DF Pro. 

    I see that a lot of people do this mailbox mod to get more smoke. Is there a how-to guide on that? Does it make enough smoke to get a ring on a 10+ butt smoke? My friends and family sure like my pulled pork but this first batch through the MES 40" was just blah compared to what I used to churn out of the DF Pro. 

    I did some sausages and robs and those both came out pretty good. I also think this will be way better for making jerky, which I'm itching to try. 

    Any tips would be appreciated. I have the 20070512 model. 
  2. Hi Bob.

    You will not get a smoke ring even on long cooks You are using The wrong heat source for the smoke ring. Only fossil flue will give you those. But not to worry your Q will taste great.

    On to your next problem. Smoke Since you cannot keep your AMNPS lit lets start from the beginning. Try heating your pellets in your AMNPS by putting the whole thing in the smoker when you pre-heat it. I like to leave mine in the smoker at least 30 Minn. prior to trying to lite.

    I follow Todd's instructions by developing the hot red cherry ember I also blow on it till the  pellets are burning with a open flame. Blow the flame out. let the AMNPS sit out for at least 5 Minn. just smoldering and driving the neighbors nuts. After you know it is smoldering good try removing the chip pan and leave it out. pull the chip loader out about 3 inches so you can see the chip reservoir. Insert the AMNPS with the burning end in towards the back of the smoker.

    You have a gen 2 smoker and they have such a tight box it is hard to keep enough air flowing to keep the ANMPS lit. Others will chime in but the above is how I would try and keep the AMNPS lit.  Jted
  3. Thanks Jted,

    I guess I always thought the smoke ring was a reaction from the smoke penetrating the meat. I know I tried the AMNPS with the stock tube partially removed and fully removed, and I did let the smoker warm up with the pellets inside (no water pan.) I'm not sure about which way the lit end was facing so I guess I will try this again and see how we do. Thank again, and I'll report back with my results.
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    The AMNPS doesn't get enough air in a Gen 2. You really need the AMNTS Tube Smoke Generator, the large hole are more efficient with the limited air, or do a Mail Box mod and keep the AMNPS. Smoke Ring is a reaction to Nitrogen Dioxide generated by burning wood or gas. The pellet just don't generate enough. Some guy have had marginal success by putting 1-2 Charcoal Briquettes in the chip pan. Since a smoke ring is only color and contributes very little in the way of flavor, I don't worry about it. You didn't say which pellets you use. Cherry will not burn without adding something else. If your smoke flavor is lacking, try a stronger flavor pellet like Pitmaster's Choice or 100% Hickory pellets...JJ
  5. Thanks. Right now I'm using Traeger apple pellets. I definitely thought about going to Hickory for a stronger flavor but I really like apple on a pork butt. 
  6. Chef JJ has the inside info. What I said is what I would do. I would be in the same place you are. Try his ideas you will have a better

    chance of a great cook    Jted
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  8. Yesterday I tried Jted's suggestions and got a consistent burn for 4 hours but I didn't have the water pan in. I plan to try again today to see if that makes a difference. I'm curious of the wood pellets absorb enough moisture to make combustion an issue.

    Is there a good guide on how to do the mailbox mod if I decide to go that route? I could probably figure it out but just thought I would ask.

    Thanks all. I'm including a few picks so you can see how I loaded to AMNPS, my starter burn, where I placed it, the partially ejected stock tube, and how much smoke after 30 minutes.

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