MES 40 or Smoke Hollow 44 LP?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jcollins, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. Sometime early next year i plan on buying one of these smokers im not sure which one to get or even which model to get? i want a set and forget for overnight and really long smokes or whenever im lazy. I am leaning twords a mes 40 but i hear that the gen 2 is crap but im not sure how to distinguish between the lot of them but i hear the gen 1&2.5 is the way to go. as far as the SH44 goes i dont know very much about but i already have a LP grill so thats what appeals to me is i will already have an abundance of fuel and its not reliant on ele so i could load it up and take it camping or for a big party or whatever.

    So all that being said i would enjoy seeing anyones personal opinions and why they have that opinion. Thanks in advance.
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    I can't speak for the LP smoker other than I would not leave one alone. Wind blows out flame, gas collects and you got trouble. I have lots of experience with the MES40 Gen 1 and love them, especially with the AMNPS. I have noticed that as they are becoming scarce, the price is creeping up. The Bluetooth guys seem to like that unit but at close to $500, I will stick with my Gen 1...JJ
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    I have a 34" (I think) Smoke Hollow gas smoker.  It has turned out some really good food over the years but I rarely use it since I built my barrel.  I used mine for about 4 years and never had the flame blow out like JJ referred to but it is highly possible.  Every time I ran it for any length of time with any wind, I always sat up wind blocks and had no issues.  The only issue I have had with it is you have to open the tank valve slowly and in small increments or it will set off some safety thing to where it only burns half flame.  I think this is because she has a lot of miles on her and its getting worn but the 44 shouldn't have that issue since it uses the round burners instead of the tube burner like mine.  I personally think the electric may be more consistent but then again, if you fire it up and go to bed and you have a power outage and you don't know it, it might cause an issue...that's where a good thermometer with an alarm would fix that though!  I like the gas for if we go to a tailgate party or something like that.  It is easy on and easy off when you are done.  Sorry I can't offer any info on the exact model and I have VERY little experience with the electric but just thought I would chime in.  Good luck!

  4. thanks guys its going to be tough for me to make up my mind but its looking like an electric but im sure i will change my mind before then and i forgot to mention that i plan on building a uds before i get another smoker if SWMBO will let me that is. i already have the uds approved and im working on getting a weber kettle through now so it may be a bit tricky to get another smoker to pass so soon....[​IMG]   [​IMG]
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    haven't used a MES so I won't speak about them other than to say that many here have turned out some fine Q with them.

    That said, I like my SH44 enough that I went out and bought a second one to use as an outdoor oven.    If you use an AMNTS tube burner with it, it pretty much is "set it and forget it".  I've done many overnight smokes just that way.  Fill the tube with pellets.  Get a nice smoke rolling.   Set the Maverick up to monitor chamber temp as well as meat temps then off to bed for 4 hrs or so.   Wake up, check to see how things are going.  Refill the AMNTS if needed then back to bed again.

    I can see where JJ's concern about thge flame going out could be an issue.  IF you want to cook all the way down at 225, the flame will be fairly low and I guess it's possible that it can blow out.   I cook at higher temps (275+) and honestly, that isn't a concern to me.

    One definite plus for the SH44 is it's capacity.  I can smoke 10  12lb butts or 5 large packer briskets at one time if I want.    
  6. and also the SH44 is cheaper... right?
  7. daveomak

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    Make sure the smoker you get will regulate the smoker temperature at 120 deg. F or cooler...

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