MES 40 on Sale at Academy $199

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by kovaku, Nov 11, 2015.

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  2. That's not a bad price.Just keep in mind that is a first generation mes smoker.There were some problems with the first and second generation mes smokers,maybe someone else could chime in and tell you a little about them.
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  3. smokingearl

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    theres no problems with the gen1. just the gen2. and now the new gen 2.5 is even better than the gen 1.
  4. Earl you are so right but the 2.5 is a lot more money.  Jted
  5. smokingearl

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    oh I agree and the price of the gen 1 listed it awesome. but I was really just pointing out that there weren't major issues with the gen 1, unlike the gen 2.
  6. bearcarver

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    Here are my Thoughts & Findings on the MES Gen #1, Gen #2, and Gen #2.5 Units:


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    A new Academy store just opened up just opened up in Terre Haute this Friday so I convinced my wife to go while we were out and they had the MES 40 in stock. They had at least 6 that I saw and the floor model looked real impressive, if I didn't all ready have a Cabela Pro 100 and was looking at going electric I would definitely get one of these units. Different folks came up and looked at them and I was telling them all about them and that this is a great buy. I don't know how many they sold while I was there but I think I should get a commission (lol).
  8. I bought that same smoker from the same place for the same price at the same time.  Havn't smoked anything in it yet but have it seasoned and ready.

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