MES 40 new owner and i have temp question!

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by fisher6688, Nov 30, 2014.

  1. so i got my maverick on the rack below the two racks of baby backs. i set my temp on the controller of the MES to 230. however my maverick is reading at like 207. 

    1. is it possible the cold ribs that were just put in are playing a factor in the reading? its been in there now for 20 mins

    2. how does your MES run compared to the maverick or any other temp gauge and how do you adjust it so you can get the good temp everytime? as in if your MES runs 10 degrees colder compared to your maverick reading do you just set the temp for 235 on the mes to obtain your 225 temp?

    thank you all
  2. by the way i started with a little mesquite since i wanted some flavor but then i remembered i had some cherry chips so i am just adding cherry from now on. do you think itll be okay with the flavor combo. its baby backs. and i understand ribs you have to be careful with how much mesquite if any goes with it. but i didnt want to open up the door and dump out the mesquite and start with cherry all over. didnt want to add more time to the cook
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    Did you test your maverick probes in boiling water? If you did and they are corect I would adjust the temp setting on the MES till your grate temp with the Maverick is where you want to cook.
  4. Yes sir i did boil test my new probe that i got in the mail since i slammed my old one in my trailer smoker. it was correct. i just turned up the MES a little more till i find that spot where it reads 225 on my maverick. 
  5. wolfman1955

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    You will get therer just play with it. next time remember what the differance was so you can start there.
  6. thanks for the advice!

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