MES 40" New Generation or 2nd or whatever... Electrical Problem ~~~ GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE~~~!!!!

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  1. Hey y'all,

    A long story short...  My electronic dog fence was down and I had to chase down my dog.  I figured out that the last outlet on the 15 amp circuit run, that the smoker is plugged into (as well as dog fence) was bad.   After me not knowing enough about GFI circuits, etc.  Like an amateur, I replaced 4 outlets, the GFI, and the circuit breaker only to figure out that the culprit that was tripping the GFI was the last receptacle on the run that the MES is plugged into.  

    Everything is wired and test correctly.  I ran my 13.5 amp vacuum on the outlet (of course with the smoker unplugged) and it ran flawlessly.

    I ran a 12 gauge 25' extension cord with smoker plugged in to a 20 amp circuit.  It trips the circuit as soon as I turn on the smoker just like the it does on the newly replaced ENTIRE CIRCUIT.  LOL

    I have had my smoker for about 10 months.

    So what is the problem with the smoker and is it worth fixing? 

    I am frustrated with having used a junk barrel smoker for a few years until it rusted out and then switching to electric and having problems in less than a year.  Thinking there is a green egg in my future...
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  2. Welcome to the World of Master Built. It is indeed the smoker that is tripping the GFI. I had one and mine did it after 5 smokes. My wife bought the Master Built for me (love her) but she didn't know about all the issues they tend to have.

    You can get it fixed but you have to do it yourself!! they will send a new heating element to you (they have had a TON of practice) and then you can fix your own smoker LMAO. I chose to put that POS out to pasture and get a QUALITY smoker. There are some really well built and reliable electric smokers out there....Cookshack, Smokin-Tex, and Smokin-It (I own the latter). Of course they cost a bit more than those MB units but they are VERY well made and reliable so it's worth the xtra $$$. With MB you have to MOD the thing.......and get a secondary smoke generator to make it work right. Whats the point??? Buy a smoker that's well made and you need do nothing to it.

    My father was get what you pay for. I own the Smokin-It #2 and love it. I use it ALL the time and it hasn't let me down yet.

    Feel free to PM me if you have questions.

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     I got the same problem with a Gen 1 and MB has indicated that moisture has made it's way to the interior of the coil and is causing the short. Apparently, the insulation can breakdown letting the moisture in. The coil needs to be replaced. Other members have found the wires going to the coil can short together as well. Either way it is not a huge job and if it is the coil, yours should be replaced under warranty...JJ
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  4. Thanks for the responses.  That is not really the news I wanted to hear, although I expected it.  I should have put the money towards a more expensive brand; I am not sure what the point of replacing a defective part with another part that has the same design flaw.  I have a 15' deep X 20' covered porch this smoker sets on with a cover.   The only way for me to keep it any drier would be to bring it inside and set it on a dehumidifier and also run a golden rod inside.  Sorry for the rant, just venting frustration with this smoker that is less than one year old!!!!

    So condensation as in not rain is the moisture that has entered the smoker because of broken down insulation?  I so should not be having the conversation about a smoker that is less than a year old.  I should have been asking this question 5-7 years from my purchase, not less than 12 months later.  Freaking ridiculous. 
  5. I called Masterbuilt this morning. I spoke with a young lady who was extremely polite and helpful. She asked me a couple of questions and put me on hold for 30 seconds.

    She came back on the line and gave me an authorization number and instructions to return the end of the plug and aluminum data plate with serial number to her.  She told me to email her with the USPS tracking number and she would order the new unit to be shipped.

    They are shipping me a brand new unit. She said it is not a moisture issue but a wiring issue. Obviously I am quite pleased with this interaction with the company.  That is top notch customer service.   [​IMG]
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  6. Good to hear a good out come.

    Happy smoken.

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    I have had problems with mine and I agree u can't beat their service dept.

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    I had the same problem and they also sent me a new smoker.  They took the time to make sure it was correct before they sent it also.  I know people have lots of problems with masterbuilt but I was more than happy with how they handled the situation. 

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