MES 40 inch... Am i SOL?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by will75, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. will75

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    My MES heats up to 275... or says their internal temp, but my maverick on the rack is consistently 100 degrees off for ours.. it's definitely not my maverick, i have tested it with the boiling water method and when i cook meats on the grill, they come out properly, as well as my sous vide water bath read out is also accurate with the circulators temp.   Is there something i am missing or could possibly adjust? Where is it getting the temps from? 
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    Call masterbuilts customer service! 100 degrees off is unacceptable...
  3. will75

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    It's past the warranty period. i sent them an email, they never replied. I decided to test it out 3-4 days ago in prep for tonight's "smoke" it was 15-20 degrees off.. well guess what? Loaded it up tonight and then turned it on, so i didn't have to keep opening the doors to get everything set.. which i thought was the culprit for the massive temp changes.Guess what? 88 degrees off as i type...  FML.. I hate this MES..  I swear i am so close to doing an amazon bait and switch because of how pissed i am at them over this. Would serve them right with this lemon.
  4. will75

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