MES 40 Gen 2 Chimney? Sink?

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  1. Small preface..My pops was a master at smokin meat with a huge indirect pro rig. But, he burned out and sold it off. I really miss the good stuff and have been trying to replicate it. These forums have been immensely helpful. Thank you all! I bought a MES 40 on sale and an AMNPS to regulate the smoke.  After a few frustrating smokes relighting the AMNPS over and over, I realized that I had bought the Gen 2 POS MES with no air flow. Forums to the rescue!! I'm goin to the box store tomorrow for the materials to do the mailbox mod. a few questions... Should I leave some of the stock material in place for a heat sink? Do I really need to sacrafice space for a dedicated heat sink?  Will a chimney on the poorly designed side vent make a big difference? (I have clearance issues)! 

    gen 2 really improve 
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    Hi Justin---Welcome to SMF !!

    What elevation are you at there?

    If not at a high elevation, have you tried removing your water pan, and placing your AMNPS over the hole left by the water pan?? Then turning your Chip dumper 180° to allow more air into the smoker?

    If you are at a high elevation, you might do better with the AMNTS (Tube Smoker).


    On Edit: I just looked & it looks like you're around 4300'. You should contact Todd Johnson at "Amazing Smokers", and talk to him about the Tube Smoker. The Mailbox might not help you.
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