MES 40 (Gen 2) & AMNPS questions

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    I bought my MES 40 (Gen 2) a couple of months ago and AMNPS only a month ago. It has been great, I love it and the meat has turned out great.

    There is only a few things that has been bothering me though, my backyard has a small wooden porch on the left but the outlet is straight middle so I've had to set my MES in the middle of the backyard to cook. I havent used an extension cord yet as it will reduce power going into the MES. I was wondering if anyone have a recommended extension card they use?

    Also, I have been storing my MES in the garage so that has been me wheeling it out to the backyard to cook and wheeling it back into the garage in the front. Has anyone bought the cover for the MES 40 and if it has worked properly.

    And my last question is that I've been having problems with my AMNPS staying lit. I've microwaved it and then lit it for 1-2 minutes and let it sit out for a long time, even when it has been windy and got a great cigar type burn going. What I've been seeing is that its going out in the first 2-3 hours but after relighting for awhile, it finally goes steady and burns. (I have my chip loader fully out) I think I'm not getting rid of the oil residue that is on there and was wondering how long everyone microwaves it for. I was thinking of trying to microwave it 3 or 4 times with a minute each time next time.

    Thanks for reading, this is my first time posting but I've been reading a lot throughout the past few months and you guys have helped me quite a bit. So just wanted to thank everyone for helping out.
  2. I microwave my pellets for one minute wait about 5 minutes and microwave an additional minute.  Light the pellets, wait ten minutes, blow out the flame,  and place in smoker.

    Never have a problem with this procedure.

    Good luck with yours,  John
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    I will have to try that this weekend. Thanks!
  4. susieqz

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    i was gonna get one of those covers, but the reviews at amazon  say it's awful.

    right now, i'm using heavy duty trash bags. they don't  leak,

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