MES 40 gen 2.5 and AMNPS

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    This is my first post and first time with an electric smoker.  I was using a vertical gas smoker prior to going electric. I had enough of the vertical smoker. I had lots of manufacturing issues with it.

    On to the MES.  I wanted something that I could almost set and forget. After lots of research, I picked the MES 40 2.5 gen model that was at the local Sams. Yes, I got the warranty!

    I didn't want to deal with adding chips all the time either.I ended up purchasing the A-MAZE-N smoker.  I would like to put a big thanks to Todd. I got 7 pounds of pit master choice and 2 pounds of apple pellets. Uploads/20151113_161949.jpeg

    All together Uploads/20151114_184612.jpeg

    I did the season break in per instructions

    To keep the tray up a few inches, I purchased a 8X8 basket from the local box store. I believe it was made by Weber. I've attached a picture to show you how it sits. The basket has lots of slots and raised the tray up 2 inches. Don't mind the ribs:) Uploads/20151121_105055.jpeg

    Getting the pellets cherry red. Torch for about 45 secs and let burn for about 10 minutes. There is a learning curve. A little wind would blow the fire out. Nothing but a little blow to get the flame back up. I pulled the chip tray out about and inch and the chip loader about 2ish inches. Uploads/20151121_103532.jpeg

    Now the ribs.. Uploads/20151121_160647.jpeg Uploads/20151121_162408.jpeg

    After using the 2-2-1 and 2.5-1.5-1 methods a handful of times, I think I might try a no foil method. I would like to get a rougher texture. When I smoked on my gas infrared grill, I was able to get the texture my family liked.

    I have noticed a couple things with the MES.

    1. The built in therm is about 20 degrees hotter than the one I used. I put mine on the second rack.

    2. I'm getting about 35ish feet away with the bluetooth through one wall.
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    Everything looks good. To foil or not to foil is a constant debate among home smokers. I've done both. I lean towards not foiling for the exact reason you mentioned. I think you get a firmer (rougher) texture to the bark if that's what you're shooting for. I think if you don't foil you might need to extend the smoking time since foiling also serves to steam the ribs as they cook.  I saw a BBQ competition a few months ago and there were pitmasters who foiled their ribs and pitmasters who didn't. And as you've found out, 3-2-1 or 2-2-1 aren't set in stone. You can employ whatever variation is required during the smoke.

    I always use racks #2 & 3 when cooking two racks of pork ribs. I only use rack #1 if I'm cooking three. I never use rack #4 which is the one the water pan hangs from. For monitoring the temp, I use the Maverick ET-733 which is highly accurate since you can't always go by the controller temp display. But you will find that after you're into the smoke for 2-3 hours the controller temp will be very close if not matching the ET-733 temp. There are also more techie cooks who like the iGrill therm. I have no use for anything Bluetooth so I chose the Mav and have been very happy with it.
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    Great setup.  I love mine.

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    When I first got my MES 40 BT, I had read about pulling out the chip tray some, and raising the AMPS up like you've done. I had no problems with it going out at all. Then I realized all the issues I'd read about doing those 2 things to keep it going were all in the older gen smokers. So I tried it with my chip loader shut and set my AMPS right on the bottom and its still never gone out. So I'm gonna keep it on the bottom with the chip loader all the way in until i see a need to change it.
  5. I have been looking at the Sam's mes40. Have the been problems with it? I ask because you say Yes I got the warranty

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  6. I have been looking at the MES40 from Sam's as well. Have there been issues with it? I ask that because you say Yes I got the warranty

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  7. Is there something wrong with the mes40 from Sam's that you should buy the warranty?

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    Reading the reviews on Sam's Club site about this smoker, yes I would get an extended warranty.
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    The reason people recommend getting the warranty at Sams is because Masterbuilt only warrants your Smoker for 90 days and an extended warranty for $30 at Sams warrants it for 3  years, which is cheap at only $10 a year. 
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    Dont even think about the warranty, just get it.  A complete no-brainer.

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