MES 40" Gen 1, Arriving Today - Break-In Question

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by dbbyleo, May 28, 2015.

  1. Pre-seasoning went great.  I picked some hickory wood chips at JAX, I soaked them for about 15 minutes, threw them into the chip tray during the last 45min... and soon I saw what seemed like TBS to me.  The wife and kids were definitely liking the smell they were smelling.

    So far, so good.

    BUT... after the pre-seasoning session, the middle digit display appears to have burned out already :(  Good thing for the remote, which I had to resort to in order to figure what was on the display.

    I guess this means a call to Masterbuilt.  I think before I do that, I will validate the temp reading on the console/remote with a separate thermometer.
  2. daricksta

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    You've already got an electrical problem with a MES 40 Gen 1? That's both surprising and troubling. I'm confident MB customer service will take good care of you. They'll most like send you a replacement controller and hopefully that's where the trouble lies.
  3. I called Masterbuilt and they said the controllers are in back order til July.  Sounds like they had a huge demand - I don't know if that's a good thing.  Anyway... they took care me.  I'll just need to rely on the remote for readings until then.

    Meanwhile... my break-in smoke was a success!  It was absolutely the best chicken breast we've ever had at home or anywhere!  And best yet, the family was absolutely impressed - so that felt great!  Aside from the amazing flavor, it was so  juicy, which was what I was really interested in experiencing and knowing first hand (after having read all about it).  

    I put aside the AMNS pellets just in case I screwed this one up, so I just used some store bought Hickory chips and I was pleasantly surprised on how well it smoked.  Just like you guys said... just a slow steady smoke coming out of the vent.  And it smelled heavenly - Wow!  I didn't have any issues keeping the smoke going.  The only mistake I made was leave it unattended (while I was on an errand) for about 1 hour... and when I returned, it was in need of more chips and it took another 15min or so to get it smoking again - but again, no issue getting smoke on just traditional chips.  But I'm still eager to use the AMNS...

    I brined in the chicken breast in water, kosher salt and brown sugar for about 2 hours.  Then I let it air dry for about 2 hours before I applied a dry rub - I went with an "Applewood" rub I found at Walmart.  Then I covered the meat with bacon.  The recipe I followed called for 230 degrees until IT was 165.  In about 1:45, I was already at 165 to my surprise (I was expecting to be more like 2:30 based on the recipe).  I actually kept it longer as the sides weren't ready yet.  Despite may be staying in about 30min longer in the smoker, it was still juicier than anything we experienced with chicken breast.  The Applewood rub had a bit of a kick to it - spicier than I expected.  But overall a great flavor.  I may try something with it next time to make it a little milder.

    On a side note.  I used a $7 oven thermometer to check the temp reading on the display.  With the display showing 230 degrees, the thermometer shows just above 200.  After my smoke was done and over with, I put the thermometer in my range oven and set that to 230... and once the oven was preheated, the thermometer showed about 230 (needle between 200 and 250 marks).  So it seems like my range oven and thermometer are in a agreement.  No final verdict yet though.  I'll be doing some tests still to check the different areas of the smoker to see if there's huge temp variants.

    Anyway... without further a due.. my first Qviews!

    Piggies in a Blanket???  How about some "Smoking Hot Quilted Chicks!"

    Brined and Rubbed:



    Ready to serve...

    There she is... what a great addition to the deck!

  4. mummel

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    Looks amazing.
  5. bearcarver

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    Those look Great, Leo!!![​IMG]

    Very nice little individual packages of Goodness!![​IMG]

    Keep it up!![​IMG]

    Nice Smoker too!!----Looks Familiar!

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  6. dr k

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    I called Masterbuilt and sent them 11 pics of creases, dings and dents and the light bulb that shattered in shipment that created a dead short when I turned it on, sending 20 amps through the controller.  The pre-season went great but they want to send me a whole new unit without returning this one.  I just have to cut the cord flush to the unit.  She has to email me on the cutting part.  I think they just want to not have an issue right after the 90 day warranty and spend shipping on junking it at there plant.  If anything I'll have spare parts.

  7. daricksta

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    You have a fine smoking career ahead of you! As far as leaving the house and coming back home to find no smoke rising out of the vent--I've been at home and done the same thing quite a few times. I've found out that there's still plenty of smoke hanging around inside the smoker to flavor the meat until the chips or pellets are replenished.

    I love my MES 30. I've been lucky that I've had--so far--no problems with components that needed to be replaced.
  8. bearcarver

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    Only problem you could have there is what happened to a couple others. They had them cut the cord on their Gen #1, and promised to send them a Gen #2.5. Then they ended up sending a Gen #2.

    What Gen are you cutting the cord on, and which one did they say they're sending to replace it?

  9. Here in South Florida, I keep my MES 30 Digital covered, and away from the elements when not in use. When smoking, I placed it facing a ' southwestern' exposure' location our patio. You will be surprised how the sunshine helps to maintain steady temperature, less cycling and less strain on the coils. This is Florida, so I do cover the digital display with an upside down Tupperware to guard it against those pesky passing showers so common in our part of the state. Good luck with yours.
  10. dr k

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    Good call!  dbbyleo, this thread starter and I ordered this 20070311 Gen 1 on the same day and received them last Friday.  Masterbuilt and I have some correspondence yet before I cut the cord.  I'll definitely request the same model. 

  11. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    That's normally OK.

    However during the Winter, I have to set a sheet of plywood in front of my window in the door, if I'm smoking with low temps, because when the Sun is low in the sky, and you have it facing South, the Sun hits the sensor on the back wall of the smoker & causes a false reading from the Sun's heat on the sensor.

    Just something to remember.

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  12. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

  13. Good point bear. Fortunately no 'Windows' on my MES.
  14. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    That's OK----I like to mention things like that now & then for those it pertains to can gain from it.

    When it happened to me, I was stumped until I figured it out.

  15. daricksta

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    You've got to wonder what company(ies) they used to ship the smoker to you. Sounds like yours fell off a pallet or something, there was a person or there were people who witnessed what happened, knew your smoker was damaged but perhaps company policy (either MB and/or shipping) dictated they still deliver the damaged smoker (since replacing it would require new paperwork and inventory corrections and all kinds of busywork) to the customer who could then file a claim for a replacement model.

    I guess quality control is too expensive these days.
  16. dr k

    dr k Master of the Pit

    I saw UPS drive away after they rang the door bell and ran. lol The controller operates fine but the light bulb was pulverized!?  The smoker therm and three other probes placed right over it were all within 3-5 degrees except the smoker meat probe was 10+ degrees high.  I like this consistency and would rather stick with a few dings you have to look for than get a big temp swing.  I'm not too concerned about their meat probe I can't easily calibrate.  The dead short was my concern from the light bulb.  I figure it would be an immediate problem.  Electrical anomalies like the light socket dead short may have done nothing but a light socket dead short has burned out a few 600 watt rheostats I've seen. Euthanizing a perfectly good smoker by cutting the cord is something I just can't seem to steer myself past (yet.)  I still need to hear back From Masterbuilt if that is still an option after they look at the pictures.  Picture posting on SMF is not cooperating this time.

  17. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    LOL----I got a set of 3 Planer blades delivered by UPS when I had my Shop. They were about 5/16 Thick X 1 1/4" wide X 24" long. They were taped together, put in a long plastic box. Then wrapped in newspaper & all taped up solid. When they got to my house the package was in almost a 90° angle!!!

    I figured that would have even been hard to do on purpose with that kind of steel. That was like a 1" X 1 1/4" X 24" Solid Steel Bar!!!

  18. daricksta

    daricksta Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    So it coulda been UPS what done the dirty deed! Or the driver was running really, really late.

    How do you know if something is a dead short? I just read up on it and found it it's very dangerous but just looking at an electrical light socket I sure wouldn't be able to tell. Did you screw in a replacement light bulb which didn't light?

    As for the pain of cutting the cord of a "perfectly good smoker", it isn't perfectly good if it has a dead short. Hopefully its replacement will be in perfect condition. When did you last contact Masterbuilt? I give someplace no more than 48 hours before I follow up.
  19. dr k

    dr k Master of the Pit

    Wow!  Seems something hydraulic like a fork truck had to do that.

  20. daricksta

    daricksta Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Kurt--did you buy the smoker through Amazon? They can take care of working with the seller to exchange an item that was received damaged. The only wrinkle might be if they offer a full refund instead of an exchange. You should open a live chat window with an Amazon rep. I've done that several times and each time the rep has been extremely helpful and cooperative.

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