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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by bobbygee, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. bobbygee

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    Hey Guys..I just received my 40" /window (model 20070810) from Sams..My local Sams did not carry it so I got it off of the website(free shipping!)..Question for the board..Does anybody else with this model purchased from Sams have the reduced chip loader and holder(reduced in half by a welded  piece of metal) along with an additional metal box in between the bottom of the holder and the heating element? Mine does and I thought it would have been the older design.Oh well.I had the same layout on a 30" version with the window and had to take it back due to inconsistant smoke at the 225 .It wouldn't create smoke unless temp was above 250. Masterbuilt must have just change the layout because I saw earlier post stating the Sams model was the older chip loader/holder version.Fingers crossed I dont have the same issue..I'm preseasoning as I write and will smoke a butt this week end.I'll post to let everybody know if I can optain a good TBS. 
  2. spg1

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    You can look at the metal tag on the back upper left of the unit and see what the watt rating is, the new smokers will say 1200 watt's.  I have had mine for a few months now and have not had any problems, but I am usually around 235-245 deg.  I am still adding chips about every 1/2 hour, but some say you can go longer.
  3. deltadude

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    In my opinion 40" models have generally not had the issues with keeping chips smoldering.  Below are the pics ronp took of the wood chip tray and mount/holder.  From what I can tell the only difference between the new and older models is the tray is half the size, and the slide rails may be slightly higher away from the element.  The rails height shouldn't be an issue with the new extra wattage.

    [​IMG]   [​IMG]
  4. bobbygee

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    Thanx for the input guys.Yeah,I got that same model and all seems to be good. I need to add a small handfull of chips every 30 minutes and  I discovered the actual internal temp and masterbuilts temp is off by 10 degrees or so at the 225 range. It's more accurate at higher temps.These readings were at the second from top shelf in case anyone is interested.

    Masterbuilt temp reads 225, external thermometer = 215.(no consistant smoke)   

    Masterbuilt temp reads 235, external thermometer = 225.(consistant smoke)

     Masterbuilt temp reads 275, external thermometer = 272.(consistant smoke)   
  5. eman

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    I have the 800 watt 40" and have had the same issues w/ the thermometer. the high end is accurate but on the lower end it can be as much as 20 degrees off.
  6. deltadude

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    My older 40" with 800 watt, temp reads low about 15-20º. 
  7. bobbygee

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    FYI- I smoked a butt over the weekend and the outside of the chips did turn to white ash.They did not completely burn away and once they were covered with the ash they stoppped producing smoke.I just had to add chips every 30 minutes or so and empty out the tray every third chip load(1-1/2 hour or so).I like the 40" and decided to keep it.I'm just a going to buy or make a smoke generator to make my life easier.Thanx for all the input guys.  
  8. noserider

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    I purchased this unit a couple days ago. Cooked a pork tender loin yesterday. Turned out nice. Like you I noticed my chip were not burning all the way to ash but put out nice smoke. I loaded chips every 45 min or so when the smoke seem to be stopping. I kept the vent full open as others here have suggested. Right now I'm smoking some whole chickens. This time I am loading much smaller amounts of chips and they seem to be burning completely to white ash. Since they are burning more complete I'm finding I can still go 40 min to and hour without loading more. Another thing I am trying is leaving the vent closed once the chips are going good. This also seems to work fine as I have a nice thin blue steady smoke coming out of the closed vent and also some escaping thru the chip loader. FYI as others have mentioned I am NOT soaking my chips so this probally helps to keep them burning. The instructions do say to smoke with the vent closed to retain heat and moisture and that does make sense if your not having any issues with keeping your chips smoking good. So owned the unit for 2 days and have smoked twice. HMM what will I smoke tomorrow? This is already addicting:)
  9. spg1

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    Most people on here say to leave the vent full open while cooking, something to do about creosote and making things taste bad.  But if it is working for you I guess don't worry about it.

    As far as what to do next.....  Just look through the forums and see what sounds good.  Also look at the monthly throwdowns you will pick up a few good ideas.

    Smoked Chili Reyenos

    Smoked Corn

    Smoked Twice baked potatoes


    ABT's (you have to try them)


    Deviled Eggs (interesting)

    Short ribs




    This is just the short list from when I got my MES earlier this year!
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    Most people on here say to leave the vent full open while cooking, something to do about creosote and making things taste bad.  But if it is working for you I guess don't worry about it.
     I agree.

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