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  1. rabbithutch

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    I had my MES 40 for far too long just sitting on the patio. I went to use one day and had to spend an hour cleaning it up before I could turn it on. That was when I decided that HAD to have a cover. I shopped all over looking for something that I thought I could live with. None of the generic covers I came across would get 'er done. So . . . I kept watching Amazon and eBay until I found a price I could handle and bought the one made for the smoker. I'm glad a waited.

    Now for the question: Should I try to do anything to make the cover more weatherproof? It doesn't get any direct sunlight; so I'm not too concerned about UV, but in Texas we get a lot of radiated sunlight (which, come to think of it, probably includes a lot of UV).

    I would really appreciate any tips anyone can share about weatherproofing covers.
  2. timd

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    I bought this:

    It doesn't mention it in the description but I read about it somewhere and it fits my MES 40 perfectly. It's sturdy.
  3. bearcarver

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    I got the one made for my MES 40 too, and it's been setting on my front porch for two years now. It gets Late morning, afternoon, and early evening Sun in the Spring, Fall & Winter. So far no problem.  doesn't get Summer Sun though, as the Sun is too straight up to get to it.

    They seem like really good covers for how thin they are.

  4. bdskelly

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    North Texas here.  My cover has held very well up for 3 + years.  The texas sun has faded on side a bit.  But it hasn't dried out or rotted .  Never did a thing to it. 
  5. smokeone

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    The cover from amazon is a great quality cover but it does not fit the 2nd gen MES 40. You will need to remove the back handle and loader to work it onto the MES and then it is to small to pull to the bottom so it will leave a bunched up area of canvas at the top and still about 6" from covering bottom.

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