MES 40 Building up pressure

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by samaridad, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Has anyone else had your unit build up pressure from wood chips then blow pressure out the wood chip loader. The top vent is wide open. and smoke blows out there also.

    model number 20070211 from Sam's. The retro smoke box is not installed yet.

    I took a video of this not sure how to post to this site.

    Thanks for your help ahead of time.
  2. daveomak

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    While it is in operation, did you open the door? pull out the chip tray?

    When the chips start to smoke, and volitile particles are emitted from the chips, if enough oxygen is added to the mix there will be a small explosion. If none of the above is happening, check the door seal.

    We need more info...

  3. eman

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    This is exactly what is happening . mine used to do it every now and then. usually when i opened the chip chute to add more chips.
  4. the chip loader is in place (full insertion) the door is closed and I saw the explosion of smoke on the back deck. It was raining so dont know if that changed anything. Unit under the barbecue awning. the door seal is fine. Checked with a dollar bill.
  5. tjohnson

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    My 1st MES 40 did it too, with chips in the pan.

    I think it's called a "Backdraft"

  6. thanks todd need to order your new pellet amns (dang You) lol just need the newest model.
  7. i sent this clip to MB last week they got back to me wanting the model and serial # Im sure they will figure it out. They have the best customer service.....
  8. My 30 did this until i tweaked the chip pan to get it off the heating is the chips catching on fire. It is a easy fix i bent the slides on my chip box to keep the chip tray about a quarter inch off the element. I really fixed the problem by getting a A-MAZE-N from Todd then following it up with the pellet burning  model also.[​IMG]
  9. sorry guys I'm new (I figured how to post a video)

    Thanks for your help
  10. mine does it too
  11. I am sure thankfull for this forum. I almost bought a MES but after reading about all the Mods and problems and the solution is to turn it off and use todds AMAZn Smoker. Now i just need to save up to get todds units.


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