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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by badbode, Sep 14, 2013.

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    Just wondering if anyone has a video of the AMNPS working in a MES-40 Gen 2. I've tried mine a couple of times now and it doesn't necessarily go out but doesn't seem to be putting out much smoke either. Also, the last pork butt I smoked just didn't have that much of a smoke flavor.
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    Pm Todd...He has been doing a lot of experimenting with the Gen2 and AMNPS, Have you seen this...JJ

    Is there an EZ fix so the AMNPS 5x8 will work in the MES 40 2nd Gen???

    Could it be as simple as rotating the Chip Loader 180°?

    I believe the answer to both questions is "YES!"

    Here's Why......

    The housing for the chip loader on the Old Model MES 40 is quite different than the housing for the chip loader on the New MES 40 2nd Gen

    The housing for the chip pan and chip loader on the New MES 40 2nd Gen has a tube built into it, that the chip loader slides into.  There is a slot along the bottom of this tube.  I can only assume the function of this tube and slot, is to force the pellets into the chip pan, and not spill out and possibly catch fire.  If you insert the chip loader into this tube, and do not rotate the chip loader 180°, there is very little intake air.  Rotating it 180° seems to allow plenty of air into the New MES 40 2nd Gen for the AMNPS 5x8 to burn properly.  Pull the chip loader out for more air & push it back in for less

    I've been testing my theory nonstop for 5 days with very positive results

    I'll post the rest of my findings later

    Thanks to Everyone who gave me their input!!!

  3. I put my MES on the same level as the heating element in MES 30 Incher, the 5 X 8 fits perfectly there.  I rotate and pull out my chip loader about an inch for air flow,  I make sure my AMNPS is well lit before inserting it into the smoker.  By well, I let about an inch of the chips get burned and or red hot before inserting it in the smoker.  Never have I had it go out, or give me low amounts of smoke.

    Are your pellets or sawdust wet or damp?  That could cause issues also.

    [​IMG]                   [​IMG]                       [​IMG]
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    Ok, when you guys are saying rotate the chip loader, do you mean have the "cup" facing up or down? Other than that, I am doing all the same things you guys are doing. I did an hour test run with it tonight and it produced a decent amount of smoke. Being new to smoking, I really don't know what is normal or a good amount of smoke. All I know is when I was using the chip loader, the chips would catch fire almost every time and the smoker would fill up with what looked like white smoke which I read to be bad. I ordered the AMNPS and do get a blue smoke, I just don't know how much smoke is needed. When I look into the window, I can see a thin line of smoke but it doesn't "appear" to be filling the smoker, it just appears to be going straight up and out the exhaust.
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    The Cup should be Down. This let's more air in then simply pulling the loader out 1-2". The AMNPS puts out a steady stream of smoke but not a billowing cloud. Trust me when I say, you will see some smoke but SMELL it way more! This is a good thing. As the AMNPS gets going it will generate more smoke as more pellets start burning. The smoke will not obliterate the view through the window but the meat will appear to be in a Fog. There will be a more noticeable column of thin blue smoke coming out of the exhaust after about 30 minutes. I live in a second floor Apt. and have to put a box Fan on top of my MES to blow the smoke away from the building, otherwise the Upstairs Neighbor throws a fit, that should give you an indication that there is plenty of Smoke. I don't have any good pics to offer because all the pics of meat in the MES have been taken after the bulk of the smoke has been evacuated...JJ
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    Thanks for the help! I think it was something as simple as rotating the cup down. The only other thing I changed this time over last was I built a foil tent to put over it vs having an aluminum pan on the rack above it.

    I just checked it and there is a blueish smoke haze inside the smoker and a steady cloud of TBS coming from the exhaust. 4 more hours till the ribs are done!!

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