MES 40 + AMNPS + Pork Shoulder Roast (QView)

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    My wife and I felt like Que today so I bought a ~5lbs Pork Shoulder roast and a ~4lbs brisket flat.

    The prep was simple and I completely forgot to take pictures.  I'm still getting used to posting on the forum again.

    I used Jeff's rub on both because I was out of pepper to make a rub for the brisket and already had a good amount of Jeff's ready to go.

    My boy and I prepped by washing the meat in cold water and patting the meat dry with paper towels.  We liberally coated both pieces of meat with rub on all sides not just the top and bottom.

    Wrapped them in saran wrap and into foil pans and put them into the fridge overnight.

    This morning I foiled the water pan and drip pan with heavy duty foil.  I then gave the inside of the smoker a good dose of PAM.

    Then I fired up the MES 40 to 275°F.

    Next I got the AMNPS ready while the MES was heating up.

    I nuked the maple pellets for 60 seconds in the microwave and used the torch on low for ~45 seconds.

    I let the pellets burn and got the meat out and unwrapped.  

    I decided I'd put the foil pan below the rack each piece of meat was going on since last time I started meat in a pan I never got the color I was looking for on the meat.  I put the pans in the smoker to get up to temp with the rest of the smoker.

    After ~10 minutes I blew out the flame on the AMNPS and put it on the racks that hold the element on the far left bottom of the MES.

    Coincidentally the smoker was ready so I put the meat in and reset the temp to 225°F.

    Now this is what you're waiting for:

    Here is a fuzzy pic but it shows the placement of the AMNPS along with the chip holder pulled out about 1" per Todd's instructions



    This is a much better shot


    Here the chip loader is pulled out as per Todd's instructions and the upper exhaust is wide open.


    Notice that I lost a lot of heat when I put the meat in...we started at about 283°F


    Now time to turn Dinosaur Train on because I hear a beautiful redheaded girl waking up.

    More to come...
  2. indyadmin1974

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    I'm struggling to take a picture of the beautiful TBS that the AMNPS produces but if you look above the exhaust you can just make out a blue tinge:

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    Try "Macro" mode on your camera

    Looks Great So Far!

  4. indyadmin1974

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    Good idea Todd...have to see if my phone has camera battery is dead.

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  5. indyadmin1974

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    We're just 3 hours in and the brisket flat is reading 140°F already.  Things are looking really good.  I'll take some pictures here in a little bit.  Still have TBS and 1 of 2 rows that I filled in the AMNPS is left.

    Hopefully getting the ribs on in a few hours too.
  6. indyadmin1974

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    So here we go...I think I got a TBS action shot:


    And some more QView ('cause that's what we're all here for right?)

    Brisket Flat looking oh so good...


    Pork Shoulder Roast:


    Homage to the AMNPS:



    So far things are looking good...not sure if I'm going to foil or not.  I probably will on the brisket flat.
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