MES 40' 20070512 not turning on at all replaced control panel

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by smokedmeat, Aug 6, 2013.

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    this smoker was given to me and it had NEVER been used... it was won in a raffle or something and turned out to be DOA .  i called and was able to get masterbuilt to send me a new control panel... still not responding at all, the control panel does nothing, no beeping no lights nothing.... its not the outlet... / ive pulled the metal panel off the wires are fine on the heating element... i tested on the bottom with a multimeter, there is power there... i cannot seem to find a fuse or anything else. i have read that the problem is likely a short in the cabinet and mb may send me a new one.... if anyone knows where the short may or may not be please let me know i dont mind doing the repair myself... the weird thing is it NEVER worked... never powered on period, it really seems like something is just not connected or a bad fuse.... ive looked on the forums and see the wiring diagrams etc, but seeing as these smokers are problematic i was hoping someone on here had experienced this and has done the repair themselves and not just replaced the full cabinet. thanks
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    Welcome to the world of masterbuilt quality. Let them send you a new cabinet. Not that it's a guarantee its going to be a working smoker. Sibce december I've had 4 of them sent to me because of controller problems. That's right.... FOUR! And the last one lasted about a month. I've given up on them. Masterbuilt sucks. Oh yeah....I have to say in my humble opinion.
  3. +1.  I have had terrible luck with Masterbuilt.  Dealing with the new cabinets and most of all getting rid of the broken cabinet has gotten really old. My "last" Masterbuilt died today with a rack of pork and beef ribs inside.   Terrible quality and indicative of a typical cheap Chinese product.  

    I like electric smokers and need to really think about what my next purchase will be.  I know what it won't be!
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    Now, I'm skeptical   ...

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