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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by johnnytex, Jul 24, 2013.

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    Masterbuilt has the 1st gen 40" smoker for $175 in the Bonus buy section.
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  2. Well, I pulled the trigger on it, $241 shipped to me. I was going to look at a craigslist MES40 about 30 miles away tomorrow so I saved some time and gas. Thought I'd be able to get the craigslist one down a bit but this one has a 1200w element and wasn't certain on the other. Also, the craigslisted one said that it had only been used 3 times and had an extra door? Kinda made me nervous about that fact since I don't think smokers come with spare doors. Anyway, it's a" today's the last day sale" so better hurry and order if you're gonna!
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  4. Found out today that  the unit is indeed NOT a 1st gen but a second gen [​IMG]Called customer service and they were very evasive about it, finally saying that they didn't understand how the wrong picture was being used in the online ad but that it IS a 2nd gen and that she has one and it's a good unit and about how just angry bloggers are heard more than the happy smokers. Also said that it definitely was NOT a refurbished unit. Hasn't shipped yet, so... $241.00 do I cancel it or take a chance and hope for the best?
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    For that price I'd keep it, if you don't like it you can likely sell it for at least what you paid for it.
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    Just be sure you get an external thermometer.
  8. *UPDATE* Masterbuilt is offering an additional 10% off the bonusbuy unit I bought, so an additional $17 dollars are to be saved now (which they wouldn't let me have, even thought the unit hasn't shipped yet[​IMG]) If the controller is no good, I do have experience with Auber PID's so If I have to, I can do some mod work. Well, out to see if the UDS is up to temp for tomorrows breakfast fatties!
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    This sale is still going on, along with the extra 10%.  I was all ready to pull the trigger on one of these through Amazon tonight, but went direct with Masterbuilt.  While I won't have it in 2 days, I did end up saving $84 on the deal.  If it does end up having issues hopefully they stand behind it.

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