MES 40 100 degrees off from Maverick "IT"?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by will75, Jan 13, 2014.

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    So i have a butt in, was hoping to get it done by 11:30 am tomorrow, but since the mes 40 is being a pain today..It doesn't look like it's going to happen, got this unit for christmas and have used it 3-4x and usually the temp is about 50 degrees off, but today... the IT reads 275, but maverick says 178 on butt rack. Meat probe is dangling where the maverick temp probe is and it reads 222 i can deal with 275/225 difference,  which i normally do, but 275 to 178 is too high, isn't there a temp the meat needs to be to exit a "safe zone"?  at the start of smoking? Maybe i should throw some chips in the burner,,,  i am using the AMPS  tray right now with chip tray slightly out... Meat's been in about 1 hour or so and is 75
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    My MES40 also exhibits the 275/225 difference, but when you say "Meat probe is dangling where the maverick temp probe is", you do have both probes in the meat, correct?

    To answer your food safety question, make sure it gets to 140 within 4 hours. I believe I've  read here from 40 to 140 in 4 hours.
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    Been awhile and decided to do an almost 9 pound pork butt tonight... for a good 16 hour smoke, and right now... maverick says 156 and the MES says 260... i may have to email Masterbuilt. because i cannot effectively smoke if the temp never gets to 225 :/
  4. Get Masterbuilt to send you a new controller. Mine always ran high .They know they have a problem with them .But be prepared that there is a good chance it will be off where if you set it for 275 actual temp will go to 325-330 . That's what I got when I replaced mine. original controller did the same and I wanted something more accurate but after installing the replacement and getting the same high temps I left it alone . Figured it was better that I could get high temps than not being able to get it to come to where I want it .When I want 225 I set it for 190 . If I want  high temps I set it for 275 .Checked with Masterbuilt about running it at 330 and they said it won't hurt it and that's what I have been doing . Don't email,call.
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    Yep, email will just get you silly questions and no further replies. I gave up on my first one, and did an exchange via Amazon, and my second model is spot on. I saw signs of moisture that concerned me with the first one, I could smoke one day, and the next it wouldn't even turn on because it thought it was already up to temp. I strongly suggest getting it taken care of while you can, or you'll be left with a shiny box that you can't do much with,

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