MES 30inch not getting up to temp.

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by jag reddog, Nov 23, 2014.

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    Hello,Ive had my MES 30 inch for about a year.I don't have the model number in front of me at this moment.But it came with 2 black temp/time controller boxes like I seen on many of the same size.

    I finally get my amazn pellet smoker-propane lighter.I got the temp up to 275 and put the amps in the bottom left smoke coming out everythings looking good.I put my chicken in and the temp dropped(of course because I opened the door).I set it per JP recommendation to 240f.It only dropped to below 100 before I quit.The lights on the controller were working with time and temp.But it never got any hotter.

    Not sure what to do now,so this morning I set time and temp without any food.2hrs later it sat at 89f. just to see if I screwed up somewhere all long the way.Im getting no temp at all.Its plugged into a 110v outlet 3 ft away.Its always gotten to 275 within say 30-45 mintues depending outside weather.But Saturday it was mid -to-high 50s.I done BB at 35 outside temp with zero problem.

    I realize there are a lot of similar MES problems of some sort on this site but im totally lost.Of course being sunday CS is closed.Should I replace the head controller?Im not good at replacing things the require rewiring.The head unit was easy but I think there might be a problem at the bottom.Just a guess.

    Thanks for any advice direction ect.

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