MES 30inch - Kaputt On Arrival

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by clintjb, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. clintjb

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    You unfortunately cant buy Masterbuilt smokers over here in Europe... So in all my wisdom I bought a brand new one off of eBay from a guy in the States, that had reasonable shipping rates. 

    It arrived perfectly wrapped / brand new - all good. So I build it up and power it on (with a step down transformer) but nothing happens. I've checked through everything twice but I'm almost certain the control unit is faulty.

    From everything I've read the support from MB doesn't seem great, and seeing as I'm here in Europe (and bought it via eBay) I'm absolutely certain the warranty wont be taken into account.

    At least I still had my bullet smoker so managed to still get some ribs in on the weekend.

    So that's my sad story... Anyone have any ideas?

  2. sb59

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    You don't mention the model or the cost plus shipping, but I imagine it was substantial enough to at least take it to an appliance repair place for an estimate if you can't do so yourself.
  3. What are you using as a power converter?  What is it's wattage rating? Is it a transformer style, or a compact switching style?  The more bulky transformer style works best for this application, due to inrush current on power up.  Keep in mind some models of the MES have 1200 watt coils. If the display is not lighting up (And you have good 120V power) then it is a controller board issue.  If the display does light up, but you have no heat, check the connections at the heating element, they have a reputation for having a bad crimp when no heat is the symptom.

    Consider using a multimeter on the output of your converter to confirm voltage, while the MES is plugged in.
  4. daveomak

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    MB is designed for 110V-120V 60 cycle electricity.... Don't you have 220V or 240V 50 cycle electricity ????
  5. If you are certain it's powered properly, did you set TEMP and TIME? MES won't heat unless the time is selected, both hours and minutes. If you say it appears new in box I doubt very much the controller is shot from the factory...maybe it was fried when it first powered on with incorrect electrical supply???
  6. clintjb

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    Hi All,

    So the model is the top controller with front window (Masterbuilt Model 20070411) 

    I have a decent step down converter - certain the power is fine. I'm not getting any power/lights on the control unit at all.

    Was definitely new in box - everything still wrapped in plastic / film etc. I've had a look over all the connections and I cant see anything obviously wrong - will take it to a professional in the coming days to see what they say.

    I've got to admit, I'm a but demotivated about the whole thing and am concerned that even if I get it repaired it will only give me headaches in the future. The build quality of the unit itself seems quite decent - if worse comes to worse I have a maverick wireless meet probe here, so was thinking of rewiring the probe into it and converting it to gas - has anyone had any experience on this, or some kind of obvious reason not to do it?
  7. If it wont turnon make sure you have set the timer time set means no heat.
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  8. foamheart

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    Call Masterbuilt customer service at 800.489.1581

    They will ask for the model number as well as the serial number and the sales reciept. They will probably work with you, without it. They are good folks, they have to be. Don't void a prexisting waranty trying to cowboy it yourself.

    Let us know what happens.
  9. clintjb

    clintjb Newbie

    Firstly thanks for all the feedback, so as requested heres the next update in the saga...

    I gave the Masterbuilt guys a shout today and explained the situation - she was genuinely really nice and didn't question too much regarding the power or whatnot, seemed quite accepting that the controller could be whats faulty.

    Nevertheless they "cant" help me as I live in Europe and they won't ship/support here - the only exception was if I lived on a US military base.

    So I've got an appointment tomorrow with a local electrical repairman so will see what happens...

  10. jckdanls 07

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    maybe find the closest US military base... have a talk with somebody there and see if you can have it sent there....
  11. clintjb

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    Hi All,

    So time for some feedback - Electricians feedback was as I suspected the controller was no good and has to be replaced...

    Looking into the closest military base is really too far a distance for me, there all in the south I'm in the north. So anyway contrary to the advice of not going and "cowboying" it myself (thanks for that one Foamheart, I enjoyed it) I went and converted it to gas. 

    I took photos along the way to show what/how I did it - for the sake of future searches and reference I've added it to a new post HERE

    Thanks again for all the advice and direction, unfortunately didn't end quite as simply as I had hoped but all's well that ends well.

  12. foamheart

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    Well I am glad you could at least get it to work somehow. I am surprized that the controler couldn't be shipped to an FPO, its not priority hardware and I would think they would want to keep a good name within the service. Sorry it didn't work out easier for you. but glad you can use it now anyway.

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