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  1. Does it make a difference what position you leave the chip dumper in during smoking? When you dump the chips in do you leave it in the dump position or do you turn it back to the position that you remove it in? Didn't know if it effects air flow to the chips.
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    i have one and i don't think it makes any difference, but, once i dump the chips i always turn it back
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    n o difference in position. only difference would be if you didn't push it all the way in.
  4. X2.... I adjust air flow with the chip loader when using the AMNPS in my Mes. To tell you the truth i haven't used my chip loader since i got my AMAZEN and AMNPS.

  5. How do you do that by pulling it out some?
  6. I use an AMNPS with great success. I pull the loader out a few inches, I pull the chip tray out an inch or so, I place an 8" length of  3" diameter pipe over the exhaust vent to act as a chimney, and I place the AMNPS on the bottom shelf (inside a baking pan with a few holes drilled on the side of the pan to act as a heat deflector). I have not had any problems with keeping the AMNPS lit due to lack of oxygen.
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  7. Yes i pull it out a few inches and also pull the ash pan out about 1.5 inches. This really helps keep the air flowing through the Mes when burning pellets in my AMNPS. When i burn dust i don't have to do this but sometimes i will to move the smoke faster.

  8. What is the advantage of the 3" pipe for a chimney?
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    They say id creates a better draft ?
  10. I would admit that the AMNPS works fine without the 'chimney' but it is just one more thing I do to ensure a good draft through the MES. The theory is that hot air inside a vertical pipe has a tendancy to rise, which will help draw out air from the MES. The longer the pipe, of course, the more rise effect. Plus the chimney looks cool and keeps the smoke from blowing across the top of the MES, which can leave residue on temp gauges and other stuff sitting on top of the MES.
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    For standard use with regular wood chips via the tube, I dump the chips and return the tube to the closed position.  I seem to rem, a post where it was discovered that the 3 air holes were blocked when in the open position fully inserted.  Not sure you can easily check this.
  12. Good information...Thanks. I just bought a MES30 on friday. Never had an electric before. I have had an AMNPS for some time and will give it a try in there. I have used lump in my Kamado and ECB for a long time but this electric world is new. Bought it for smoking sausage..Thanks again for the great info....RTBBQ.....[​IMG]

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