MES 30 vs Bass Pro Shops smokehouse

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by davenaz88, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. Bass Pro Shops has a masterbuilt smokehouse on sale.  Here is the link  This looks just like the MES 30 many of you have only it has the Bass Pro Shops logo.  Anyone know if it is the same unit only with BPS logo?

    If it is different, anyone have the BPS version?  Many of the reviews on BPS website say the heating element goes bad and they get an error message on the head unit.


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  3. meateater

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    BPS has MFG's make many items but with there logo on it. The quality is the same and in most cases better. Best part if you have a problem,  BPS will take care of it. There customer service is superior. 
  4. ldrus

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    i seen this the other day and there was a link for bps smoker to watch a video which  was actually a video for the MES so that lead me to believe it is a MES with BPS logo on it
  5. Same 30" MES smoker. Amazon has it for 8 bucks cheaper plus free shipping if that matters. If your BPS has it on the shelf then of course go that route. New MES smoker build is 20070910.
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    Did you decide yet Dave?

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