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Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by arkiebiker, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. arkiebiker

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    I've had 3 smokers in the last 6 months. My first was a Cajun Electric, the second was an Oklahoma Joe (original) MINI and now my Masterbuilt 30.

    Between learning to smoke, improving my technique, and my new MES Smoker (oh, and probably just good ole plain patience) QUE has improved greatly from the first smoke 6 months ago until now.

    This particular 7lb Boston Butt was cooked for 10 hours uncovered, 2 hours covered and 1 hour uncovered again. Basted with its own juices and slathered with just a hint of sauce with some apple jelly mixed in with it on the last step.

    It turned out FANTASTIC!!! Here's a pic of it just before I put it into it's resting mode.

  2. bearcarver

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    Looks good from here---Throw a couple pics of it pulled, and maybe some in a roll.

    Thanks Biker!!

  3. arkiebiker

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    Here you...pulled with a light chop. :)

  4. Even though I've got some Cajun sausage on the grill at the moment that made my mouth water!  I'm thinking it's time to do another butt or two.  I've got a couple in the freezer just crying out to me.  Just need to get the time off to get them done.
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