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  1. I set the thermometer on my MES 30 to *225 with a plan to smoke a fatty for about 3 hours...This is a brand new smoker that has only been used twice before day. I pre-heated for 30 minutes, and noticed temps were up to *240 inside. I double checked my settings: yes, I had set it for *225. Dumped in the chips after pre-heat; the smoker continued to buzz along at between *235-*238 for the endurance of the entire cooking time. Should I be concerned about this?

    The first two times I used it temps primarily stayed near what I had set it at, only going a little higher when I added more chips. This time it was running hot even with NO chips... Thanks, Karen

    OH, BTW, hurray!! my first time fatty was a brilliant success, but I didn't take pics to post, I figure if you've seen one fatty you've seen them all. I used grilled onions with mushrooms and Monterrey Jack cheese. I basket weaved the bacon and rolled it up on a diagonal. My bacon looked more dark (from smoke) than others I've seen but the taste was to die for, Philly Cheesesteak type.
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    Lots of things can cause this such as sun on the unit  or air temps being hotter this smoke than before.

     That little difference is not going to hurt anything. But you may want to keep a log so that you know if It changes more.
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    >>>>>I figure if you've seen one fatty you've seen them all  

    Not true!!


  4. Lol, okay, I'll take pictures next time. But I swear to you it looked exactly like every fatty I've seen, haha
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    Thank you..

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    Hey Karen

    Do you have a digital thermometer?

    Check it against your thermo on your MES

    Mine runs 20° - 25° off. 

    I set mine at 200° - 205° to get 225° on the racks.

    Don't trust your display, trust a good thermo like a Maverick or Taylor.

  7. Thanks Todd, and eman. I will get a thermometer this week. It was a mild day here, 75-80, a bit windy, and my unit sits underneath a covered and shaded carport.
  8. All right Craig, unbeknownst to me my husband had snapped a picture of the uncooked fatty so here you go. It happened, lol!

  9. My mes is also 14* off confirmed by my maverick. I like the fact it is to the high side of things..{set at 211 runs 225 on maverick} That way when i smoke chicken and turkey i can crisp the skin on the highest Mes settings. 

    Nice weave on the Fattie...looks like you have done a 100 of them!!!
  10. How is best to insert the temp prong into the MES, through the vent hole?
  11. fife

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    My MES40 is hot as well as much as 20*

  12. That's the way i run my probes into my MES...Mavericks are dual probes that come with a remote receiver. One probe for the chamber temps ...the other for meat temps. I cut a block of wood for my chamber probe and inserted it through a hole i drilled the same size as the probe. This keeps it off the grate and makes it easy to move around the smoker to check temps. The remote receiver is great can keep a eye on your smoker and meat temps.from the house. Get a Amazen smoke generator and it is the easiest smoker to use on the market.
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    Karen, I think all your questions have been answered. I just want to add that I like the diagonal bacon weave on your fattie. Wish we could have seen it when it was done!
  14. tjohnson

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    Yup, Thru the exhaust vent works good


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