MES 30" remote control problem model 20070508

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by blackcloud, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. I need to sync the remote control with my control panal but I cant seem to find my owners manual. The unit is new and it the manual hasn't been posted yet on the MES website. If anyone has a manual handy and could let me know how to do it I would be very thankful. It would be on page 8 if memory serves me.
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    All I do is make sure I start it with the remote, instead of on the top panel.

    Mine isn't that model, but I'd think the same. I never had to do any kind of sync.

  3. I got a new panel and remote so, I have to sync the two. When your unit is boxed at the factory it is already been done. Do you happen to have the manual handy?
  4. I have a new 30 with the remote.  The instructions tell you to contact Masterbuilt at 1-800-489-1581.  There is no mention of syncing in the my manual.
  5. Thanks. I called earlier toady and they are closed because of the weather until tomorrow.
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    A couple inches is hard on places that aren't equipped to handle it. Might be another day until they open. [​IMG]

  7. Agreed, we just had a storm drop off 13" Christmas night, and its the most snow we have had in my fathers (75) lifetime. We aren't equiped for it either. Made driving interesting. Fortunatly, I smoked 4 turkey breasts and 3 boston butts Christmas day so we didn't starve! LOL
  8. Got the answer today:

     Link remote and controller by:

    a. Turn Controller & Remote “ON”,

    b. Press and HOLD “SET TEMP” on controller for 3 seconds.

    c. On the Remote press “MEAT PROBE”, “LIGHT”, “MEATPROBE”, “LIGHT” (all buttons must be

    pressed within 5 seconds of each other) A short beep will occur after each button press.
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    Hmmmm---Good to know---Thanks!


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