Mes 30 Pulled Pork

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  1. Well, I'm doing 2 8 lb. Pork Butts, in the rain.  I set up a portable shed on the deck so I can smoke in the rain. I put the Butts on yesterday at 5:15 pm at about 230 degrees. It is now 10:15 am Sat. they are at 180 and 176 degrees. I also put on some spuds at 8 this mourning. I'm using Hickory and cherry pellets in the A maze n pellet smoker. It is working really good since I drilled some holes in the mail box. I do have a couple of pictures. I have my Maverick ET-733 working. More to follow.

    Well it took 24 hrs to reach 200 degrees. Here is the finished product.

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