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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by daveomak, May 11, 2011.

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    For those of you whom have looked at my previous posts on modifying the MES 30, this will be the finale to a journey that I knew should end in something good.

    The numbers on the dimmer are display temp/actual temp in the smoker.

    This was tested with an emply smoker.

    Using the dimmer is like using a gas burner on your stove. You can set the heat applied and the temperature will slowly rise on the pot until the desired temperature is achieved.

    With many hours of testing, the temperature fluctuations are eliminated and an even heat and cooking are achieved. Using the dimmer, the element never turns off.

    Another benefit to the element not turning off, once you have "dried" the product, you can adjusting the heat to allow the chips or dust to "smolder".

    In the picture below, I have the dial/burner set to apply a "very light" smoke while slowly raising the temperature of the smoker. (something I learned since joining this forum)


    In this picture you can see the light blue smoke from the exhaust.

    And you can see the dust on the top of the smoker. It showed up really well with the flash. I went back out and it is not that visible to my old eyes.

    (Remind self to wipe down top of smoker before more pics are taken) 


    Here is the inside showing the smoke from an element that has been regulated using the dimmer. The chips are smoldering nicely. Perfect.


    The money shot. Plump. Juicy. Perfect smoke. The wife said it was great.

    IMNSHO the dimmer mod turned out better than I had hoped. Putting an end to the element turning  on/off  is a great improvement to cooking the food and its finished quality.

    I liken it to your reverese flow or UDS cookers. Now the cooking heat is steady.

    Imagine your RF/UDS with the temp fluctuating up/down 10-20 deg from desired set temp.


    There is a learning curve to adjusting the dimmer like adjusting the dampers on any charcoal/stick burner.

    Once you get the adjusting down to a science, it is worth the work in the quality of your food regardless of the type of smoker you are using.

    Thanks for looking. Dave
  2. bearcarver

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    Sounds like it works great!

    Legs look perfect!!!

  3. smokinal

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    That sounds like a really great idea Dave. Looks like it's working perfectly. 
  4. daveomak

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    Thank you. After a few months of thinkin' and doin' it worked out well. I am happy with the results.

    Now on to the store for more meat to smoke. Testing is over. [​IMG]

    Q-views coming soon.
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  5. Hard to tell a guy this Dave but.."Great Looking Legs"...

    Looks like your idea is working just like you planned...Excellent job with the Modification. [​IMG]
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  6. fpnmf

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    Great work Dave!!

    I hope the mod gets added to the MES mod list..

  7. beer-b-q

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    Glad it worked for you... Legs look great...[​IMG]
  8. daveomak

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    Thanks for the accolades. Legs included.

    2nd time for yard bird. 1st was a "valuable" learning experience.

    Seems some folks here think the engineers leave something to be desired when designing a mass market smoker.

    I fit into that group.

    Tomorrow is Country Style Ribs. I'm sure there will be Q-Views. (if my bride will let me put them in the MES) After the y-bird she may just say "do it".
  9. baboy

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    I would think that you would need to "calibrate" the dimmer for each season. When the weather is cooler you will loose heat quicker and need more juice to keep the same temperature as when it is warm outside. Other than that I like that there is less up and down of the temperature. What model of the 30" do you have. The one I purchased from Cabelas two years ago has chrome plated mesh shelves not the nice ones in your smoker.
  10. daveomak

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    I still rely on the remote thermometer inserted thru the vent to monitor the real temps. Then adjust the dimmer accordingly. All the electrics still work including turning off the power to the element when the set temp has been achieved or the timer runs out. All the electronics are working exactly as designed. Only the heat output of the element has change. Basically the element has unlimited output from ~50-800 watts.

    The marks on the cover plate are reference only.
  11. dale5351

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    Next step is to get Mastercook to buy you out :-}}

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