MES 30 in-chamber temperature variability observations

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    I have noticed the temp inside my MES 30 (gen 1) is different depending on where I place the probes on my Maverick 733. At the vent, barely hanging the probe inside, consistently measures higher temps than elsewhere. Right now, for example, I have a probe near the left wall about half way between the heating element and top of the smoker (where my food is). The temps can be different by 25 degrees after I adjust the temp on the smoker or especially after I open the door. But interestingly they gradually converge to within 5 degrees when things get stabilized about a half hour later. In other words, the temp at the vent seems to be vulnerable to flare ups.

    Has anyone else here investigated this? Is that whole back right corner hot? I'm making sausage today and used the probe at the vent to gauge smoker temp, rather than closer to my dangling sausages. I also rotated my sausages half way through the cook. Does anyone have a rationale for placing their temp probe somewhere other than the vent?
  2. Looks like you learned why you need to keep the door closed.Yes you will have hot and cold spots. Learn where they are then use them to your advantage. Sometimes you have to rotate the meat on racks to get everything done at the same time. Put your probe at food level since that is what you are trying to cook. If you will get rid of the water and use sand or gravel wrapped with foil you will have better temps.

    Happy smoken.

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    This is the perfect answer.
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    I've had my MES 30 for over two years and just this year decided I also need to find out where the hot and cold spots are because I was too lazy before. From what I've been told the MES 30 Gen 1 is known for having a hot spot on the right side below the top vent.

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