MES 30 Gen 2 side vent changed to 3" elbow, can't control heat. Ideas?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by stratmeister, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. I have the MES30 G2 and use an A-maze-N pellet maze, no problems there except the internal temp gauge is off according to my Maverick 732.

    With the side vent I was having trouble with back flows, etc based on wind direction. So I did the 3" flexible elbow mod which was easy and works like a charm.

    Only problem is I can't get the smoker temp up past 210 or so even with the controller set to the max, 275. I guess too much heat is escaping through the vent. Anybody else have this issue? What's your work-around to get temp control back?

  2. brickguy221

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    I have a 40" Generation 2 that I parked when I bought a new 40" BT 2.5. For the past year I had a problem of the controller not showing any hotter than 195 to 205 or so no matter how high I had the temp set. The controller would say heating but the temp wouldn't go any higher. Meats also seemed to be getting done faster than normal so I bought a Taylor Oven Temperature Thermometer and put it on an upper rack in my Smoker and found that I could have for example, the set Temp at 230* .... controller would show 190* - 195*  .... and Taylor Thermometer would show 250*. I then started adjusting the smoker by what the Taylor Thermometer said and all was well other than it was sort of "a pain in the A" to have to sort of baby sit the smoker to keep adjusting the temp.

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  3. bmaddox

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    Did you take the stock damper off for the new exhaust vent? Or did you simply install the elbow over the damper to protect it?
  4. bearcarver

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    I'm wondering if you removed the stock Damper, and just put a fully open 3" elbow on it.

    That would be like having a 3" Diameter open hole in the top (side) of your smoker, and much of the heat would just leave through the hole.

  5. tropics

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    Did it work right before removing the damper?

    I have my damper removed and no problems,I use a Polder probe to monitor and adjust the CC temp.

  6. Yes I removed the stock exhaust vent and inserted the elbow which I believe the mod says to do. In fact I posted asking that and was told 3 screws hold it in place, etc... Don't mostt smokers simply have a vent stack wide open and control temp with fire and input damper? I figured the mod essentially mimicked that.

    I use my Maverick 732 to monitor smoker temp so I don't rely on the controller except to increase or decrease heat source.

    With the A-maze-N pellet maze I keep the chip loader upside down and slightly out. Am I getting too much draft that way?
  7. bearcarver

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    I never had to do those things to my MES, so I'm not sure about it, but it seems strange to have a completely wide open 3" hole at the top without a damper in it.

    Those other smokers that use an input damper to control the heat---Have an Input Damper. The MES does not. All of the control comes from the top vent.

    Some people think having an MES top vent all the way open is letting out too much heat, and that's a lot less than having a 3" Diameter hole with a stack in it.

    However, like I said I never got involved in Modding my MES units, so someone could correct me.

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  8. tropics

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    Put a piece of foil over the ell,cut a 1 inch hole in the center and see if that helps.


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