MES 30 for Christmas!!!

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by mathman, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. mathman

    mathman Smoke Blower

    It's sitting in my garage now. Have to wait till Christmas to open it.

    But I oped it and put it together without the fam knowing...hehe. Plugged it in and it worked. Then I un plugged it and put it back in the box.

    I'm also getting a nice digital thermometer, and metal brine injector, cure #1, no cut gloves.

    I accidentally threw out the instructions.

    Can someone post a link to the instructions?

    Do I need to smoke it before first time using?
    How do I do that?

    What would yall recommend smoking in it first to crisen it? I have a 12lb wild hog leg, some Boston butts, pork ribs, deer meat for jerky, chicken quarters, and deer sausage.

    I plan on using dried misquite because I have a lot of it. My chunks are about 4"x4"X1".
    Can I just chop them small and use them? How small?

    FYI I've never smoked meat before. Ive bbqd meat and grilled so I'm new to this slow cooking.
  2. mathman

    mathman Smoke Blower

    Thanks for the link.
  3. troutter

    troutter Fire Starter

    That's a nice little smoker I've owned 2 of them.

    Run heavy smoke through it on high heat for a few hours (the longer the better) to help season and burn off any oils that my happen to reside in there.  The flavor will get better the more you use it.

    If you can cut and split the wood down in to little chips that will work best.  You don't want them so small that they burn up right away, but you don't want them so big they won't fit into the dump tray either.  Something 1"-2" long and a quarter inch thick should give you a decent starting point.

    Enjoy your new smoker,

  4. mathman

    mathman Smoke Blower

    Thanks. I might just go buy a bag of wood chips or just look at one to see what they look like.

    I found some info on seasoning the smoker. Most people said the longer the better so I'll probably season it Christmas day and then smoke a Boston butt on the 26th:).
  5. troutter

    troutter Fire Starter

    This is just my personal preference, but I like the weber wood chips.  The seem to be about the right size for the MES30

    Jack Daniels chips are also similar in size and work well.

    Smokehouse chips are to fine and burn up entirely to fast in the MES

    Hope this helps get you on the right track to chip selection for the MES30

    Take Care,

  6. mathman

    mathman Smoke Blower

    thanks. Ill shop at walmart. Hope they have some there.
  7. daricksta

    daricksta Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I think you have the same model I have and this is the manual for it directly from the Masterbuilt site. I have the hard copy but also downloaded this:

    When I first got mine, I stared in wonder at the box: I now own an electric smoker! I think I had to wait till the following weekend to preseason and try it out. I've loved it ever since for over 2 years.

    I started out using wood chips then read about the A-MAZE-N Pellet Smoker because wood chips are a lot of hassle. I only use the AMNPS with wood pellets now.The MES wasn't designed for wood chunks--they won't fit through the wood chip loader.

    As for what to cook first: haven't you always wanted to make REAL BBQ ribs--BBQ as in its actually definition of low and slow cooking over wood smoke? That's what I did. You can try spare ribs, baby backs, or St. Louis style. After that you MUST smoke a beef brisket. After that, pulled pork shoulder...
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  8. mathman

    mathman Smoke Blower

    I checked at our local Walmart and couldn't find wood chips. Then when I got home I checked online and it said they have some in stock at that walmart. I'll check again tomorrow and ask someone.

    I'd like a amnps but I'll wait till summer or so. I've read so much good things about it on here I have to get one.

    How long should one bag of jack Daniels wood chips last in hours on the mes?

    I think you're right. I'll cook ribs first because I've done them before on the pit and kindof know what I'm doing. I've never done butts so I'll do one later. After the ribs I'll do deer jerky!

    Can't wait!!! I look at it in my garage and am so excited. Like when I got my first gun as a kid.

    Right now I'm looking into recipes on this forum. Trying to find one that sounds like I'd like it.
  9. parrot-head

    parrot-head Meat Mopper

    You should probably only go thru one handful of chips every half hour or so, so a bag will normally last a long time.
  10. daricksta

    daricksta Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I've found wood chips at my local Kroger superstore (Fred Meyer to be specific) because they have a sports and camping departments. Target may carry them or any store that sells camping equipment like a Cabela's. Ace Hardware stores wood chips, as does Lowes and Home Depot.

    Don't know where you live, MathMan, but there should be an abundance of places in your area. Just gotta think outside the (big) box (store).
  11. You sound just like a kid in his favorite store!! So many questions, so many plans!! Congrats, you will love the darn smoker, they make such fantastic food! Post pics, everyone loves to see the recipes and results.
  12. mathman

    mathman Smoke Blower

    I will. Thanks.

    I bought one bag of each type of wood chips they had at Walmart yesterday. 6 bags total. Now all I need to find is my recipe and get some seasonings if I don't have them.

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