MES 30" Electric Smoker in Carport?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rivertonsmoker, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. rivertonsmoker

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    I just got my new MES 30" electric smoker and I am trying to figure out where to smoke.  I have an attached carport that has two walls (the side of the house and the mud/laundry room and the rest is open (front and the right side).  The ceiling is about 14 feet high.  I am curious if I set my smoker up in this space will the carport retain the smell even with the open front and side? This is a rental and I am moving in 6 months.  

    Here is a paint diagram I drew...

  2. You will be fine smoking there. I smoke in my shop. I just open the doors. It smells like Good BBQ the next day or two. Even with the MES stored in my shop. The smell goes away pretty Quick.

    Happy smoken.

  3. If it still smells a little like BBQ just think how lucky the next renters will be.  Great smellin carport without even startin a fire! [​IMG]   Have fun.  Keep Smokin!

  4. rivertonsmoker

    rivertonsmoker Fire Starter

    I like that... haha, lucky them!!


    Thanks for the feedback guys!
  5. roadkill cafe

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    You can always set up a fan to evacuate any smoke.
  6. rivertonsmoker

    rivertonsmoker Fire Starter

    I have a small floor fan... like one of the cheapo square ones from Walmart.  Could I use that? How would you set it up to be effective?

  7. roadkill cafe

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    I would imagine that would work fine. You may have to move it around to see where it works best but I'd think that up higher would work better than lower being smoke rises. I wouldn't have it blowing on the smoker intake or vent though. Just far enough away to remove the smoke from the garage. Like the others said, I like the "air freshener" but I understand it's a rental. Different with your own place. [​IMG]

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