MES 30" digital smoker $150 @ Tractor Supply Co.

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by renron, Mar 17, 2017.

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    After reading many different forums, I decided this was the friendliest one of the bunch. Very hospitable group of folks here. 

    I would like to contribute something as my first post. I received an email today that Tractor Supply Co. is having a sale on the MES 30" digital for $150.

    I bought one and after tax it came to $161 delivered to my local TSC. For me this is a big step up from the 30 year old Top Loading "Big Chief". It has smoked well over 50 lbs of salmon and beef jerky but I'm tired of babysitting it.

    Along with my new smoker I purchased a dual remote thermometer from ThermoPro. # TP-20. Used the probe on a piece of chicken last night and it was FUN watching the temps. rise to ding, ding, ding. Wife unit said "Now you have something else to Nag you about the BBQ being ready yet." It was a joke. Chicken came out a perfect 165*.

    Already planning mods to the outlet and a version of the "mailbox".



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