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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by jmo bbq, Jan 25, 2013.

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    Was looking on Amazon where I bought my smoker to find a cover that fits it. The reviews on the MES 30 cover are pretty scary. Almost all of them were negative to holding up against rain and really fitting in the first place. I have been using a plastic bag for now, but I am getting tired of looking at it like that. Have y'all tried a different cover, or should I just go with this one. Also I have heard that you should never clean the inside of your smoker, but was wondering if this is also recommended for an electric? Thanks for the help fellas!
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    I cannot speak on the MES cover issue but I used a heavy vinyl cover designed for patio furniture on my Weber for years. I think I got it from Sears but cannot remember.  I was a tad too large (not form fitting) but worked very well. A large bungee cord kept it from balooning in high wind.  I got the patio roofed about the same time as the cover wore out from sun and rain. It lasted about 8 or 9 years.

    Regarding cleaning. I do get a little crud, very little, and maybe some minor peeling on the inside of my Cookshack. I just brush any loose or protruding stuff off with my hand a day or so after smoking.  Too soon and the residue is still tacky.  I cover the smoke box lid with foil and also line the bottom with foil to catch drippings and fat renderings.  But I have never scrubbed or washed the interior.   I suppose if it got real bad I might go so far as using an inexpensive plastic putty knife to hit the heavy stuff but so far I have not needed to.
  3. Necessity being the mother of invention. I use a heavy duty garbage bag and a handful of powerful magnets. It needs to be covered.
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    Check Amazon againand search Veranda square covers. Great cover at a fair price. I have one for mine and its awesomely well made.
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