MES 30 contact corroded - need to replace

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  1. Dear Gang:

    So I am smoking a steak the other night [using Scarbelly's coffee-cocoa rub] and I notice that my IT is not rising. MES 30 controller looks fine, but no heat!!!
    Luckily I saw it in time and managed to finish the steak in the oven.

    I removed the back and one contact was completely corroded/fried. See photo.

    Any suggestions on the best way to replace this? I am assuming I can find a brass crimp-on contact and then I can wrap it with heat resistant tape. Or I could solder it directly...

    Your collective thoughts are appreciated. Otherwise I love my MES 30. It is three years old and I live in a very cold climate, so it works extra hard in winter.

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    Sand the lead to the element, or wire brush to clean off the oxidation... Put new non insulated spade lug on wire... slide the lug on the element lug... I added some no-corrode paste... NO-OX conductive paste.... I used a side cutter to crimp the lugs, TIGHT... has been working to 3 years now... soldering would be better...

  4. Thank you Dave!
    When I do the repair I'll post photos.
    Happy holidays!

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