MES 30 chip tray position

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by mooch91, Dec 25, 2014.

  1. mooch91

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    Seasoning my Christmas MES 30.

    Can anyone advise of the proper position of the chip tray?

    I'm supposing the tray fits around the burner - with the flange below the burner and the tray above?

    My chips went up in flames, which I'm guessing is a function of the relatively high seasoning temperature (275)?

  2. mooch91

    mooch91 Newbie

    Picture soon...

    This is a 1st gen MES 30.

  3. mooch91

    mooch91 Newbie

    Like this?

    Or should the whole tray be "up" such that the flange is resting on the bottom of the C-shaped opening (pushing the tray up to the top of the opening?
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  4. daricksta

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    The tray should slide in under the the heating element cover just above it. From your picture I think yours is too high. Hopefully my photo shows how it should fit. You can also see another photo that enlarges here if you click on the photo:
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  5. mooch91

    mooch91 Newbie

    The tray itself should sit above/on the heating element, no?
  6. daricksta

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    My MES is in the garage and under its cover but if I remember correctly (and after looking at videos and photos online) the wood chip tray slides in below the heating element, right under those two rods that the heating element rests on, The top of the wood chip tray is supposed to fit below the wood chip loader. Look at 0:30 in this video:

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