MES 30" chip loader paint chipping

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by thegoodsmoke, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. thegoodsmoke

    thegoodsmoke Fire Starter

    Anyone notice this on their MES?  Is it paint or fat and grease? I don't remember what color it was when I first used it.  If it is paint, is it safe to be using it if it's putting off smoke?

  2. old sarge

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  3. vandy58

    vandy58 Fire Starter

    paint chipping away, I don't think the paint will smoke though, I could be wrong. Call Masterbuilt. After my second smoke mine did that a little but I did not worry about it too much. Could always sand it off and you some hi temp rustoleum
  4. chiefwej

    chiefwej Smoke Blower

    I would just scrape and sand it off. You don't want to be burning paint it the chip burner.
  5. Is that a new Gen MES? I just checked mine (I've had it for over 3 yrs) and it don't look like that. I have a little bit of what looks like creosote where your's looks blistered. Mine is all metal too except for the handle. 

    Is the blistered part on yours metal or plastic? 
  6. vandy58

    vandy58 Fire Starter

    even better sand all the paint off and keep it off. I was reading reviews from a few years ago where they used to paint them and people would get a metalic taste so newer ones were shipped out with no paint. Now that I think about it mine only has paint where yours is chipping which is never in the smoker
  7. thegoodsmoke

    thegoodsmoke Fire Starter

    Yeah I think it's a new gen one.  It's got the display right above the door.  The chip loader is all metal except for the handle.   I sent MB a message with a picture, so hopefully they respond.
  8. raastros2

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    I called master built cause mine broke and they made me pay $25 and sent me the wrong part....:devil:
  9. vandy58

    vandy58 Fire Starter

    I swear it seems like 50/50 with them. I have seen people that have had nothing but great service with them and others that cannot say anything positive

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