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  1. bowhuntress7

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    Hi, christa here from Florida. Im a beginner trying to get knowlege here. Im not sure what type smoker to use. What's the best for the money, anyone?
  2. phatbac

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    Deciding on a new smoker is like buying a new car. everyone has tastes on brands and styles. 

    first what is your budget on this?  second what style of smoker you thinking about propane, electric, charcoal/wood?

    a real good buy for the money is the Weber smokey mountain. if you want to use charcoal with some wood chunks/chips they range in price from 200-400 dollars at Walmart or amazon depending on the size you get. they are competition grade right out the box.

    good electric that a lot people like around here ( on SMF) is the MES 40 but i have never used electric so i couldn't say how good they are

    there is a reviews section where people have review all kinds of smokers. check it out

    welcome to smoking.

    phatbac (Aaron)
  3. joe black

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    Welcome from SC, Christa. It's really good to have you on this great site. Aaron has you pointed in the right direction. The Weber Smokey Mountain is an excellent starter unit. It's very user friendly and turns out some great product. At Academy Sports the $500 range will get the Old Country Wrangler. It is a great offset unit and with the right wood will give you a superior cook. It is a little more work, but who doesn't like playing with fire? A wood-fired offset smoker is the basis for all good BBQ flavor.

    Good luck finding the right smoker for your needs (wood) and good smokin', Joe

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