Menu for Saturday - Stuffed Pork Loin - ideas? - **UPDATED WITH PICTURES...a month later!**

Discussion in 'Pork' started by heyer5, Feb 16, 2012.

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    Hey everyone!

    I am going to be doing at least one but possibly two smoked pork loins this weekend.  It'll just be four of us, but since this is a new venture, I'm pondering doing two with different stuffings.

    My fiance thought stuffing it with chunks of pinapple sounded good while my brother mentioned the possibility of apples and red and green bell peppers.

    After reviewing a couple using the "Search" bar - I didn't locate much with either of the two ideas.  I did run across a good idea, someone had soaked raisins in rum, used apples, and spinach (could be wrong on the last part) for their filler.  The rum part intrigues me.

    Any input?  I was more thinking more along the lines of pork filled with pork and more pork.  Italian suasage, bacon, and bacon wrapped, with some pepper jack cheese and maybe diced jalepeno's.

    Input, ideas, disagreements?  Anything at all?

    Oh, thanks to SmokinAl for giving me a run down already on how to "filet" or butterfly it out!
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  2. Here's a sausage stuffed one:

    Here's the rum soaked raisins, apples and onions:

    this one isn't stuffed per say but looks really good:

    Here's another with mashed potatoes, and other veggies:

    Your imagination is your only limit!
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    Yeah, I did the google search as well, just wasn't thrilled after looking through 20+ recipes.  Figured that I would ask for input and have a first hand response from active forum members instead of reading past posts in regards to a recipe on the "google" search.
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    Don't forget the camera! We want to see this one!
  7. heyer5

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    Well, I happen to be working late tonight, maybe I'll see if I can get the pictures up and a discription of how it went. 

    We used pinapple in both and I think the higher acid content in the fruit "mushed" up the meat.  I was less than pleased with how they tasted and we threw whatever was left over into the trash.  Quite the disappointment.
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    Interesting. I have marinated pork in pineapple before with no Ill results, like mushy meat.  I have also basted with a pineapple glaze on chops.  Did you make these up and let them sit awhile befor smoking?
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    As you can see, there are lots of recipes for a stuffed loin.

    Please remember that when you stuff the loin it will no longer be intact muscle meat and will have to be taken to a higher temp than if you had not stuffed it.

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    Updating with pictures...finally.

    As I said, the meat was mushy.  As a response to the previous post, I don't think these even sat for 5 hours before being smoked.  I'm not sure what the issue was, they looked great as you'll be able to see!  Both received a bacon wrap - mine was weaved and looked pretty, her's not so much :p

    #1 - Stuffed with pinapple, jalepenos and provalone cheese


    #2 - Fiance's - Stuffed w/ pinapple and mixed in brown sugar and maple syrup


    Finished Products





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