menonite summer sausage recipe?

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    hey everyone,im new to this forum,its very cool...

     would anyone have a traditional dry aged menonite summer sausage recipe?ive been looking everywhere
  2. I have been trying to come up with a recipe for Smoked Farmers /Mennonite  sausage for the last year also.  Can't seem to even find out if there is a difference between Farmers and Mennonite sausage.  Not much information available online .

    As for your request for dry aged Mennonite summer sausage ...Good Luck .in my reading i have not seen anything close to that.

    I even broke down and purchased pre-mix mennonite sausage spice last week from Stuffers Supply in Langley B.C. and made a batch up. (not much info on label- modified corn starch, salt, sugar ,spices -no real give away of info)  Was very happy with the results. Tasted just like the Harvest brand of farmers smoked sausage made in Manitoba .and sold thru out western Canada.

    I think that it was the cold smoking that made the sausage. Did 6hr cold smoke day1 (hickory& apple blend pellets). Rested overnight then another 6hr warn smoke till 130* internal and a steam finish to 152* internal.

    A friend gave me a tag  from some smoked farmers sausage made in Medicine Hat . Alberta,   Ingredient list was Pork, beef,salt,pepper sugar,garlic,smoke,Sodium nitrite,

    Here is recipe  that i worked out  after doing a couple of batches and trying to get the right taste.

    10lb pork ,beef mix

    65gr sea salt

    2 level tsp cure#1

    6 gr  ground black pepper

    8 gr ground white pepper

    3 Heaping TBS brown sugar (never weighed)

    1 tsp garlic powder Or may be omited

    Grind Medium plate, and stuff into 35mm casings .Can make rings or traditional links about 6-8 in long. 

    Cold smoke for 6+ hr  and allow to rest  overnight . Next day smoke at 130* and continue ramping temp up hourly for another 4-6hr or longer.

    You can go to internal of 152*  or finish in 180* water bath till internal 152*.

    I hope this is a little bit of help to you.
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    thank you!

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