Memorial Day with the new MES 30 (with Qview)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by wcortesi, May 27, 2013.

  1. wcortesi

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    So I picked up the MES 30 from Amazon last week but I had to leave for a cruise to Alaska, which was beautiful by the way! Anyway, we got back Saturday and I went about unboxing and seasoning the smoker.

    Yesterday I smoked up a chuck roast and some brined chicken. I studded the roast with garlic and seasoned it with black pepper and a little Montreal steak seasoning. Cooked it at 240 for about 4 hours and then covered it until it reached 205. Meanwhile, I put the chicken in for about 4hrs with some rub on it.

    So far, I love this thing compared to my GOSM which I always had to fight to put out enough smoke and stay on temperature! I will miss some of the room I've lost with this, but it should be fine for what I'm doing.

    The chuck roast and the chicken were great, so today I smoked up some of my homemade pepperoni which I just tried and it tastes as good as ever, but probably has more smoke flavor than my GOSM would give it.

    I've put off going with an electric for a long time, but so far I'm impressed. I just hope it doesn't give me any trouble. I also wish they made the cord a little longer and put wheels on the darn thing!

    We are having our usual summertime weather up here in Tacoma, so I tarped up to keep the liquid sunshine off my smoking area...

  2. jp61

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    Nice way to break in the MES

    [​IMG]   Everything looks great! 
  3. pgsmoker64

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    Looks to me like you had a wonderful first outing for the MES!!!  I have one too, though mine is analog, and I love it for quick cooks like reverse sears, chicken, etc.  I still keep the WSM right beside it for the big jobs but nothing beats the convenience of an electric...until the power goes out....enter the WSM to save the day!!!!

    Your pepperoni looks great!  Would you mind sharing the recipe?


  4. seenred

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    Everything looks delicious!  Nice first run in that MES...

  5. kathrynn

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    Looks awesome!  Nice tarp plan!

  6. wcortesi

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    Just google Tammy's spicy pepperoni. I use her recipe, but double it and use one pound of spicy breakfast sausage and 3 lbs of hamburger. I cut down the liquid smoke (since I smoke mine...) and add about 3 finely diced habanero peppers. (I like mine a little spicy!) I also don't cook it for 8 hours, I think it might be a little too dry at that point! I did mine at 220 for about 5 hrs.

    Thanks for all the positive comments, all!

    I don't post often, but I'm always out there smoking something.
  7. I am doing acorn squash ,baked taters and T-Bone steaks, they will all be smoked but as Jeff has said in the past the steaks will be removed and put on the grill for the finishing touches . The Acorn Squash is excellent .cut in half so it will set upright then a tbs of butter and finish off with brown sugar .it's awesome!  Your ribs look awesome also.Nothin better than a smoked Rib!
  8. I did forget to mention a 3rd of a teaspoon of liqid smoke in the acorn squash,soorry,.

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