Memorial Day Weekend Ribs and Pulled Pork

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jsmoke23, Jun 3, 2016.

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    Hey Smokers!, 

    I fired up the smoker over the weekend and threw some baby back ribs and pork shoulders on there.

    First some history: This is about my 4th cook on my smoker and I'm still getting used to it.  Around mothers day weekend I squeezed 10 ribs into the smoker and was disappointed by the outcome.  The ribs where tough. They did not pull nicely off the bone. I came to the conclusion that I tried to throw too much on my Brinkmann Trailmaster and using the rib racks the ribs where too close to each other.  This in my opinion prevented even heating there by affecting the outcome. 

    I decided not to let this stop me and fired it up again for Memorial Day weekend.  I invited over the same people that where present on mothers day because I was determined to redeem myself.  I wish I had taken more pictures to show the before, during, and after but with all the mingling I only took 1 picture. I tried to maintain temp at 225 degrees and used mainly wood through the entire cook. The shoulder went on first until it reached 160 degrees.  I then wrapped it in foil.  The ribs went on around noon and also wrapped them after about 3 hours.  With less meat on the grill I found I was able to maintain the temperate at the grate more even on each side.  

    The photo was taken when I opened the cooking chamber to spray the ribs with a mixture of apple juice and pineapple juice.  This cook was a success.  The ribs and pork where gone. No leftovers.

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    They sure look good from here!

  3. garyhibbert

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    Nice job.  Sounds like you figured out your problem and worked around it.  That's what smoking is all about--trying different things until you're happy with the end product (that would be the food  [​IMG]  ).

  4. jsmoke23

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    Thanks[USER=]@SmokinAl [/USER] and @GaryHibbert. Appreciate the support.
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    Tasty looking pig meat!

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